Did you ever wonder why Hostinger’s hosting plans are so cheap?

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Here, I have explained all the reasons for how Hostinger manages to offer its hosting plans for very competitive prices.

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Custom control panel-

Unlike many other web hosting providers which use cPanel for helping you to manage your server, Hostinger uses its very own hPanel.

Other web hosting providers have to pay a monthly license fee for using cPanel Account but this is not the case with Hostinger.

Also, when cPanel increases its prices, other hosting providers are forced to increase the prices of their hosting plans too.

But as Hostinger uses its own control panel and not cPanel, they are not at the mercy of cPanel for determining their hosting prices.

The good part with using hPanel is that it is not only free but compared to cPanel, it looks more modern and is more easy to use.

Modern looking hPanel
Modern looking hPanel

It also includes Auto Installer which can be used to easily install content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

If you are already using cPanel with other hosting providers, it will take you some time to get adjusted to the Hostinger’s hPanel.

Also, Hostinger provides you many resources to teach about their hosting and hPanel like Hostinger’s Knowledge Base, Hostinger Tutorials and their YouTube channel, Hostinger Academy.

Gratuitous story-

Hostinger was founded in 2004 November in Kaunas, Lithuania and was initially known as Hosting media.

In 2007, it launched its subsidiary 000webhost to provide ad free, free web hosting worldwide.

This showcases the intention of Hostinger to offer everyone the required opportunities to learn and build websites without any investment.

This attitude of 000webhost is also reflected in the affordable prices of Hostinger web hosting plans which aim to offer hosting to as many people as possible for cheap prices.

About affiliate commissions-

Another thing to note is that as the Hostinger’s plans are cheap, their affiliates will also get paid less compared to other relatively expensive plans of other web hosting providers.

This means that other web hosting providers have to price their hosting plans higher in order to earn a profit after giving out commissions to their affiliates.

But as Hostinger pays their affiliates comparatively less commission, they have been able to offer their web hosting plans at very affordable prices for their end consumers.

But if you are an affiliate marketer, this should not demotivate you because as Hostinger is a very popular hosting provider which offers great hosting services at very economical prices, this attracts many customers who will be willing to purchase web hosting.

This means as a Hostinger affiliate you can refer many people to its hosting services and in the process earn well.

Affordable renewal rates-

Hostinger offers affordable renewal rates

In the initial phases, many web hosting providers offer you web hosting for attractive prices but they increase their prices too much when you renew their hosting plans.

But this is not the case with Hostinger.

Not only is Hostinger web hosting cheap but their renewal is cheap too.

Excellent price to performance ratio-

I have been using Hostinger since May 7, 2020 and can say that even though Hostinger’s web hosting plans are very cheap, they are not of inferior quality.

They offer decent server response times, good speed, good uptime, good inode count and load handling and their support is also good.

They also provide you a free SSL certificate for a single website and they offer you a free migration of your website which is hosted with another web hosting provider to Hostinger.

In fact, the Hostinger services are too good for their price that over 29 million users from 178 countries are using their web hosting services.

I was so impressed by their hosting that I migrated my very first website which was hosted with Bluehost to Hostinger to not only save money but also to get better performance.

Now, both of my websites are hosted on Hostinger.


Hostinger hosting plans are cheap

Hostinger’s hosting plans are very cheap but they are of good quality and reliable.

If you want to save money but not compromise on quality and are just starting out and/or want a hosting for your personal website or small and medium businesses, then choosing Hostinger is your best choice.

Did I miss any points in explaining the reasons for the affordability of Hostinger’s plans?

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