No one likes to be a failure but unfortunately, most of the bloggers fail.

If you want to become a successful blogger, then you should definitely read this entire article.

Here, I have not only mentioned the common mistakes that bloggers make but also explained how to avoid them.

Choosing a wrong niche-

It is nearly impossible to succeed in a niche which you dislike or have no knowledge of.

Also, it is very taxing to write blog posts on the topics which you dislike.

You cannot give your best and go the extra mile to succeed in these kinds of niches.

So, always start a blog in which you possess knowledge and/or are interested in.

By possessing a good understanding of your niche, you can give insights which others have never published and also, break down complex things.

By doing this, you will provide your readers an immense value.

Choosing multiple niches and being too broad-

This is the worst time to start a multi niche blog.

Becoming successful with a multi niche blog is very difficult and also, you will not get the love of readers and search engines.

Your readers want to find only the blog posts which interest them on your blog and also, search engines like to assign authority to your blog on a single niche.

Also, considering the competition in the blogosphere, you should start a single niche blog.

Don't be too spread out

You should not focus too broad and initially cover only a sub segment of a niche.

Later, after creating enough content in the sub segment you can cover the other sub segments and segments of your niche.

For example, if you are planning to start a health blog, you should not go too broad by covering everything about health like fitness, exercise, food, nutrition, etc.

For best results, you should initially choose one segment like exercise and within it choose any sub segment like health for old age men.

Focusing on less important things-

Some bloggers hate the writing and learning part, that is, they don’t show much interest in writing blog posts, improving their writing and learning how blogging works.

Instead they prefer to stay busy by spending their time on the less important but interesting things.

When you start a blog, you must spend the majority of your time, energy and resources on researching topics for blog posts, writing blog posts and learning blogging.

But it is saddening to see that some bloggers waste their precious initial months on frivolous things like writing amazing mission statement, about page and designing stunning logo, social media profile pages, etc.

Yes, all these are important but only after you have enough content on your blog.

When you don’t have enough blog posts, you will not get sufficient traffic and then, what is the use of all these fancy things which not many people will see.

So, initially design a simple logo and social media profile pages and write a brief about page, mission statement, etc. and once you gain traction, then think of refining these things.

Readers expect helpful and informative blog posts out of you more than a blog with amazing design with a beautiful logo.

You should properly set up your website and install a good theme on it.

Initially, you should do a very basic designing of your blog and then, add sufficient content to it and later, tweak the design of your blog.

Because designing your blog without content is difficult as you cannot properly predict how your blog appears after adding content to it.

Focusing more on monetization than traffic-

Focus on getting traffic, money will follow

Being able to earn money through your blog is important but growing traffic is even more important.

It is easy to monetize a blog which receives decent traffic but it is almost impossible to monetize a blog which doesn’t get any significant traffic.

You cannot make any revenue with negligible traffic and out of frustration you will switch between various monetization techniques.

Or you might even think that you cannot make money with blogging and might quit blogging altogether.

This doesn’t mean that you should not consider the monetization opportunities of a blog or a niche.

It is recommended that you think of all the monetization opportunities with a blog or niche and note it down even before you start a blog.

But after starting a blog, your primary goal should be to publish blog posts and bring consistent monthly traffic to it.

Only after you get decent monthly traffic to your blog like thousand page views per month should you think of various monetization options like joining an ad network, affiliate program, creating products, etc.

Not researching-

As a blogger, you should perform research during all the phases like finding keywords or blog post ideas, analyzing the competitiveness of a topic, learning about a topic, etc.

Keyword research-

Before writing a blog post it is imperative that you perform exhaustive keyword research and search analysis.

Keyword research and search analysis helps you find the popularity of a topic and the exact phrases which the readers are typing in the search engines.

If you write blog posts by ignoring this process, your blog posts will not get traffic.

Once you create enough searchable content, you start seeing some traction in terms of traffic and then, you can write blog posts on other topics which are not so searchable.

Google’s auto suggest feature will help you to find searchable content.

Usually, Google auto suggests the topics which many people search.

Competition research-

You should also perform competition research before writing a blog post.

That is you should Google the topic of your blog post and check whether or not the articles on that topic on the first page of search engine result page (SERP) are up to the mark.

You should also be able to identify the weak points of these articles.

Then, you should write a blog post on that topic only if you are confident that you can write better content than the first ten results displayed in the Google SERP.

Because if you write similar content like the first ten articles, Google has no inclination to rank your blog post highly.

If you find that a topic has been well covered by several blog posts and you think that you cannot better it, then you should move on to find other blog topics which have not been well served.

Blog post research-

Ultimately, you should write an exhaustive and engaging blog post by performing all the required research about the topic.

Giving up early-

Don't quit early

The excitement levels of the majority of bloggers fade with time as they don’t see any results for their blogging efforts.

It is natural to feel disheartened when you don’t see any results for months altogether even after you are spending countless hours on your blog.

This is the phase where the majority of the bloggers quit blogging.

You will never quit blogging if you know that seeing any results with blogging takes at least eight months or more.

So, keep your expectations low for your first year of blogging and consistently blog.

You should give your website ample time like a full year or a year and half to grow and in the meanwhile don’t cancel your domain or delete your website.

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Ignoring SEO-

By ignoring Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are making the biggest mistake of not driving traffic to your blog.

Google drives the most of the traffic to the majority of the blogs out there.

So, as a blogger you should definitely learn SEO.

Almost all your readers trust Google that it will provide the best answers to their queries, so they will use Google to find blog posts.

So, as a blogger you should follow SEO best practices to rank highly in search engines and gain massive free organic traffic.

Not completely owning your blog-

Not completely owning your blog is one of the common mistakes that bloggers commit.

Even if you manage to become successful on the free blogging platforms like Blogger all your hard work and success will disappear if your content or account is deleted.

So, the best thing is choosing a self-hosted WordPress blog or migrating to it.

Also, you should begin your blogging career by registering a domain name and should never blog on a free subdomain.

Choosing a bad web host-

A bad web host will fail you

A bad web host will fail your blog and ultimately, you will fail as a blogger.

If you choose a bad hosting provider, the speed of your website will be slow, downtime of your website will be high and all these things will negatively influence your search engine rankings.

So, don’t prefer dirt cheap obscure web hosting providers, always host your website with the reputed web hosting companies which provide good speed and support like Bluehost, Hostinger, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, etc.

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By choosing a bad web host you will face many problems like the speed of your website might get throttled, security of your website might get compromised, etc.

Lacking creativity-

Being creative with your work helps you to differentiate from the sea of other bloggers competing with you.

You need creativity in every aspect of blogging ranging from choosing a blog domain name, researching blog posts ideas, writing blog posts, designing beautiful blog post images, attracting readers, etc.

By being creative you can perceive attractive domain names, untapped blog post ideas and hook readers onto your blog posts.

So, to conclude you need creativity to keep ahead of the competition.

Not analyzing your blog

By regularly analyzing your blog, you can identify the best and worst performing blog posts.

And you can write more blog posts like the best performing ones and improve upon the worst performing blog posts.

The best performing ones are usually the ones which receive high organic traffic and which your readers are liking and spending more time on and through which they are navigating to your other blog posts.

The worst performing ones are typically which don’t receive any organic traffic and the ones which your readers are disliking by spending very little time on and through which they are exiting your blog.

Analytics will help you to design the strategies for your blog.

The moment you start your blog, you should integrate it with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is very helpful

Additionally, you should also be checking the speed, security and uptime of your blog.

Being inconsistent-

Being inconsistent will also lead to failure.

You should be consistent with your blogging efforts and should consistently learn blogging and work on your blog.

There is no need to daily publish blog posts but you should consistently work on your blog, update your old blog posts, learn and improve blogging, SEO, etc.

Only after consistently working on your blog for several months, you can expect the fruits of your hard work.

Creating a schedule and blogging frequency is the best way to stay consistent.

Suffering from shiny object syndrome-

Majority of the bloggers suffer from shiny object syndrome.

Bloggers suffering from this syndrome start a blog with all the right intentions but then come across a new profitable niche.

Then, all of a sudden they stop working on their first blog to start a new blog on the newly discovered niche.

By this their first blog will fail and the success of their second blog is also unsure because if they find another interesting niche, they might also abandon their second blog also.

The symptoms of shiny object syndrome are registering too many domain names and not being able to realize their limitations.

In order to become successful, you need to focus only on your first blog for an entire year and in the meanwhile if you discover any interesting niches, just note them down.

And only after the first year, think of starting new blogs.

Also, you should not create youtube or podcast channels without publishing enough content on your blog first.

Believing it’s too easy-

Blogging isn't too easy

You should not believe somebody who says that blogging is very easy.

Blogging is difficult because you never know when you will become successful and until then, you need to keep on working.

If you are extremely lucky, you might succeed within a year and if you are not so lucky, it might take you anywhere between a year and half to two years to succeed.

Being egocentric-

The bloggers who blog only about themselves, their lifestyle and routines will have a very hard time succeeding.

Only if you are a celebrity and/or have a huge following, you can succeed with your lifestyle blog.

If you want to succeed in blogging, create what your audience expects out of you and not what you like or want to create.

People surf the internet to find the solutions to their problems and to gain knowledge and not to learn about you.

You should share your personal stuff only after gaining enough readers/followers.

So, initially you should help your readers rather than sharing your life happenings with them.

I don’t want you to fail at blogging, that’s why I wrote this blog post.

I wish you a very successful blogging career.

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Naveen Reddy

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TARUN · October 14, 2020 at 9:31 PM

Keep up the good work Man. The most common thing I find is the “shiny object syndrome”. Usually many will get distracted at higher level and forget our limitations, especially when there is no one to monitor us.

    Naveen Reddy · October 15, 2020 at 8:09 AM

    Thanks Tarun.
    Yes, many will suffer from shiny object syndrome.

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