Time is the most precious and finite resource for all of us.

As a blogger you need to have very good time management skills to succeed and enjoy a good work-life balance.

If you are struggling to make time for blogging then, you should definitely read this article.

Here, I will tell you about the most common time hogs in blogging, tips to manage your time effectively and succeed faster.

I bet that after reading this article, you will save several weeks if not months of your time.

Have a to-do list-

As a blogger, you need to accomplish a variety of tasks on a daily basis, so you should definitely have a to-do list.

When you don’t have a to-do list, you will waste your time by doing random tasks and might even forget to do some important tasks related to blogging.

So, you should plan your day by creating a to-do list and in it, include all the important tasks.

It is difficult to remember the things which need to be done, so write down your to-do list either in your diary or in a word processor on your computer or in Google Keep or Google Docs.

Having a to-do list ensures that you don’t waste your time thinking what to do next but quickly glance at your to-do list and complete the next important task.

Also, at the end of the day, when you complete all the tasks listed in your to-do list, you will feel very satisfied and happy.

Make sure to create your to-do list a day before.

Prioritize right-

Not everything will move the needle of your business

As a blogger, you will have many things to do but not all of them will move the needle of your business.

This is where prioritizing comes in place.

First, fill your to-do list and plan your day to do the most important things for the major part of your day.

Then, you can include some less important tasks in your to-do list.

If you are a new blogger, you should prioritize writing and publishing blog posts and learning blogging first.

If you are an experienced blogger, you should also do the above mentioned things but additionally, you should also plan to update your old blog posts.

After planning for these important tasks, you can afford time for checking emails, statistics, earnings, social media, tweaking the design of your blog, marketing,etc.

Eisenhower Matrix-

The Eisenhower Matrix is a great way to sort your tasks based on their importance.

Here, you will be provided with four matrices in which you can distribute your work.

In the first matrix, you should write the most important and urgent tasks.

The blogging tasks which usually fall into the first matrix are performing research for blog posts and writing blog posts and publishing them, etc.

In the second matrix, you should write important but not urgent tasks.

You can always schedule these tasks.

The tasks which usually fall into this matrix are making connections with other bloggers, etc.

In the third matrix, you need to put the urgent but less important tasks.

You can postpone these types of tasks like for example, being active on social media, etc.

In the fourth matrix, you should write the tasks which are neither urgent nor important.

There is no harm in not doing these types of tasks.

Have unwavered focus-

Having a fickle mind wastes a lot of time

Having a fickle mind wastes a lot of time.

Even if you sit to blog with the right intentions, you might get overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done and might get sidetracked.

This is where Pomodoro Technique comes to the rescue.

In this technique, you decide to take on a task and set a reminder for 25 minutes.

Until the reminder goes off, you fully focus on that single task and entertain no distractions.

You can use this method to take on bigger tasks which you usually fear and put off.

As here, you need to spend only 25 minutes, you won’t feel overwhelmed.

After 25 minutes, you will take a small break and once again repeat this cycle.

And after completing four cycles, you need to take a bigger break of around 20-30 minutes to relax.

And continue like this, throughout your work day.

Avoid social media-

Social media is one of the most addictive distractions that bloggers face.

So, while working on your blog, close the social media tabs on your browser and also mute their notifications on your mobile.

As a blogger, you need to share your blog posts on social media.

So, promise to yourself that you will only use social media during your blogging hours for work (blogging) purposes only.

You can allow yourself to check social media once in a day either in morning or evening.

Similarly, set specific and limited time to check and reply to the comments on your blog posts and social media and emails, etc.

Measure the effectiveness of social media-

As a blogger, you might be using social media to promote your blog.

Track ROI of social media platforms

So, it is important to keep a track on the Return on Investment (ROI) from these social media platforms.

If you get very little to no results from a social media platform after working on it for a few months, it is better to abandon it and focus more on the social media platforms which give you a better ROI.

If none of them give any ROI, forget about them and just focus on your blog.

Search engines drive the majority of traffic to blogs than social media.

So, focusing more on Search engine optimization (SEO) will be helpful.

Set reminders-

For a blogger, there are a few tasks which cannot be completed in a day or two.

For such tasks, you should definitely set reminders.

For example, if today you purchased a one year hosting plan, you need to set a reminder to renew it after a year.

When you don’t set reminders, you might daily waste your time thinking about these tasks or calculating how many days are left until you need to do these tasks or fear that you might forget them.

So, for important tasks which cannot be accomplished immediately, set reminders and take the weight off your shoulders.

You can set reminders by using Google Calendar app, Google Keep or even schedule an email reminding the task to be sent to yourself.

Capture ideas-

We all get great ideas at weird times when we are away from our computers.

Capture amazing ideas the moment they occur

So, you should use a note taking app one that works even offline like Google Keep or use a small pocket diary to capture the amazing ideas the moment they occur.

When you do this, you won’t waste time glancing at the white screen of your blog draft brainstorming.

Don’t obsess for perfection-

The things don’t get done if you obsess for perfection.

Initially, don’t spend too much time creating a perfect logo, social media profile images, graphics, etc.

Instead, balance quality with quantity.

Do the work that your readers appreciate but is not overly perfect.

Identify time hogs-

You have only twenty four hours a day, so you cannot afford to waste your time on the unproductive things.

So, the first step will be to identify the things which consume most of your time but are not very necessary for your success.

Take a pen and paper or open the text editor (Notepad) on your computer and write down all the things which you did yesterday.

And beside each task, note down the amount of time consumed.

Out of all the tasks, introspect the ones which will make you a successful blogger and the ones which waste your time.

When you calculate the total amount of time wasted, you will not only feel guilty but will also become more time efficient and spend time only for the things which matter.

Take breaks-

Take breaks to avoid getting burnout

You should take breaks to avoid getting burnout.

If you continually work without taking breaks at regular intervals, you will get physically and mentally exhausted and will become less productive and might even lose interest for work.

So, recharge your batteries and get to work with renewed enthusiasm.

After continuously working on your blog for an hour, you should take a ten to fifteen minutes break.

And don’t work on your blog all through the week, take a vacation on the weekend.

Work like an employee-

As a blogger, you might be happy for being an entrepreneur and might not be facing time or boss pressures.

But this freedom gets wasted if you spend your time doing unproductive things.

So, even if you are on your own as a solopreneur, work for fixed hours (longer hours if necessary) like an employee.

Create a blogging schedule and allocate fixed hours from morning to evening or when you are most productive and in these hours, work with full focus and dedication on your blog.

Allow flexibility in planning your schedule because we all know that we don’t know what our lives throw at us.

If you create a rigid schedule and fail to adhere to it you might beat yourself.

So, allow flexibility in planning.

Delegate when necessary-


When you grow as a blogger and start earning and if you can’t manage everything on your own, you should delegate some of your tasks to others.

For this purpose, you can either hire interns or ghost writers or a team or virtual assistant or outsource to freelancers.

You can do this when you are creating multiple products or offering services through your blog or running multiple blogs or want help from more skilled people or simply want to enjoy your vacation.

If you can’t afford to hire others, ask your family members or friends for help.

If they can’t help you in blogging, they will help you to do your daily chores so that you can allocate more time to your blog.

Use tools-

Are you worried that designing images or graphics takes too much time?

Then, you should use a drag-and-drop platform like Canva.

Are you concerned that sharing blog posts on all the social media platforms take too much time?

If yes, then you can use Jetpack WordPress plugin to automatically share your posts to social networks.

Do you think that you are a slow typer?

Then, you should dictate blog posts by using the Voice Typing feature of Google Docs.

Similarly, there are many blogging tools which will save you much time and effort.

Don’t multitask-

When you multitask, you divide your attention between two tasks and due to this divided attention, you will not be able to accomplish either of the tasks satisfactorily.

And so, you need to spend even more time perfecting these incomplete tasks.

So, it is better to have your undivided attention on a single task and then, move on to do the next task.

Write then edit-

Editing while writing a blog post takes too much time.

So, it is better to first type the blog post by not worrying too much about grammar, spellings, etc.

Then, you can edit the blog post and can also use different tools to check spellings and grammar.

This tip is extremely useful if you suffer from writer’s block.

Batch tasks or do them individually-

Some people like batching the tasks, that is they like to do similar tasks in one sitting and this helps them to be more time efficient.

For example, you can batch outlining for your next five blog posts in a sitting or responding to all the blog comments at once.

But some people don’t like batching similar tasks and they prefer to do them on an individual basis.

This allows them to completely focus on one particular blog post.

After finishing a blog post, they then move on to work on the next blog post.

So, try both of these and see which suits you the best.

Work in a quiet place-

Work in a quiet place

When you work in a noisy place, you not only waste your precious time trying hard to focus on blogging but also get frustrated.

So, escape to a lonely and quiet place where you can work on your blog without any disturbances.

Soundproofing your room or workplace also helps.

If you are working from home, having a seperate room for blogging and informing your people to not disturb you during blogging hours helps.

Become more efficient overall-

You should manage your time not only for blogging but for all your tasks.

By being more efficient in other tasks, you will have more time to work on your blog and make it successful.

You can do this by cutting on watching television, gossip, etc.

I hope that this article not only inspired you to become a better blogger but a better person overall.

Which time management tip are you going to follow?

And do you have some interesting time management tips?

Please tell me through comments.

Please appreciate my work by sharing this article.

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