If you are planning to start a blog in Telugu, then you should definitely read this article.

I have conducted extensive research on several Telugu blogs and comprehended many interesting things.

In this article, I will not only present to you how the Telugu blogs are faring but will also share my thoughts about the future of Telugu blogging.

So read on.

Why am I qualified to write about Telugu blogging?

I am very qualified to write about Telugu blogging because I was born in Andhra Pradesh, a Telugu speaking state and my mother tongue is also Telugu.

Also, I have been living in Andhra Pradesh for many years and I also lived in Telangana, another Telugu speaking state.

Short answer-

I love Telugu but I am feeling sad to say that blogging in Telugu is not very profitable.

This means you cannot make a career in Telugu blogging.

But if your goal is to not earn money with blogging and to just share your thoughts with the world in Telugu, then you can start a Telugu blog.

Fortunately now many resources are available for blogging in Telugu.

State of Telugu blogging-

In my research I found that there are only a few handful Telugu blogs in an operational state.

Most of the Telugu bloggers have either abandoned blogging or shifted to blog in English or shifted to make a career in YouTube and are using their Telugu blogs only for promoting their videos.

The main reasons for this state are-

  • Telugu blogs aren’t attracting a large audience. I found this to be true in my research of many Telugu blogs.
  • Telugu people, also referred as Telugus prefer watching Telugu videos more than reading Telugu blogs.

Due to these reasons, there aren’t many Telugu blogs.

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Why do Telugu blogs earn less?

The only popular method to monetise a Telugu blog is through displaying advertisements through programs like Google AdSense.

Other monetisation methods like affiliate marketing or selling your own products don’t perform well.

In order to earn a decent income through ads, you need to get tons of visitors to your blog.

But as a Telugu blog can’t attract a lot of visitors, it can’t earn well.

Why are there only a few Telugu blogs?

There aren’t many Telugu blogs online.

Even when I intensely searched for Telugu blogs on Google, I found very few blogs and most of them weren’t properly maintained.

Many bloggers start a blog with the intention of earning money and making a career in it.

But when they realise that a blog can’t earn enough money, they abandon it.

This happened to many Telugu blogs.

When a blogger deserts a blog and doesn’t renew its domain and hosting, that blog disappears from the internet.

Some of the Telugu blogs which were once popular but got abandoned are Telugu4Kids, Koodali, etc.

Farewell message of Koodali
Farewell message of Koodali

Case studies-

In this section, I will present to you the case studies of two Telugu blogs and their current state.


Ravi Kiran is one of the first professional Telugu bloggers.

In 2014, he started Smarttelugu, a Telugu blog focused on technology, blogging, digital marketing and startups.

Eventually, Ravi Kiran’s blog became popular and got covered in many popular Telugu channels like ETV2, Andhra Jyothi, TV9, etc.

But even with all this popularity, Smarttelugu couldn’t attract a huge audience and the main reason for this is that there aren’t many people willing to read Telugu blogs.

According to Ubersuggest, this blog received just around 1,499 organic traffic in May 2021.

Organic monthly traffic of Smarttelugu
Organic monthly traffic of Smarttelugu

But in order to earn well, a blog needs to attract many thousands of visitors to it (ideally, a blog should attract more than one lakh visitors per month).

So, Ravi Kiran shifted his focus from Smarttelugu blog to his YouTube channels and startup.

And as of 8 June 2021, he published only one blog post in 2021.

Computer Era-

Computer Era is one of the oldest Telugu blogs.

But now the webmasters of this blog have shifted their focus to publish blog posts in English instead of Telugu.

In May 2021, they published a total of 16 articles on the English version of Computer Era but they have published just 2 blog posts on their Telugu version of blog.

Also, their English blog is more well-maintained than the Telugu version.

This clearly indicates that they shifted their focus from Telugu to English.

YouTube is better-

During my research I haven’t found even a single Telugu blog with good traffic but many Telugu YouTube channels are getting millions of views.

Some Telugu YouTube channels even have millions of subscribers.

This clearly showcases that people like watching Telugu videos rather than reading Telugu blogs.

So, if you are comfortable with producing Telugu videos, it is much better to start a YouTube channel than a blog.

Some of the popular Telugu YouTube channels are-

Note- Subscribers count as of 8 June 2021.

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What if you want to only blog?

If you don’t want to make a career in YouTube and only blog, then you should choose another language like English or Hindi for blogging.

Big publications-

You might be tempted to start a blog in Telugu after observing some big publications publish content in Telugu.

But I observed that most of the publications don’t specifically produce content for Telugu, they just translate their English blog posts to Telugu.

You shouldn’t follow big publications and start a blog in Telugu because unlike them you might not have required manpower and resources to experiment with Telugu content.

Some of the big websites producing content in Telugu are Gizbot Telugu of GizBot, Samayam Telugu of The Times of India, etc.

Gizbot Telugu
Gizbot Telugu


Blogging in Telugu isn’t lucrative.

So, it is much better to start blogging in English or other languages where there is a huge audience and profits.

Also, starting a Telugu YouTube channel is a good idea.

So, in which language are you going to start your blog?

Please tell me in the comment section below.

Please appreciate my work by sharing this article.

Naveen Reddy

Hi, I am Naveen Reddy, the founder of Neat Blogging. I am a very passionate blogger and my motto is to simplify and redefine blogging and teach the right mindset required to become a successful blogger.


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