As technology has become an integral part of our lives, many people are attracted towards it.

So, it’s no doubt that many people want to start a blog about tech and this made tech one of the most popular blogging niches.

If you are planning to start a tech blog, you should definitely read this article as here, I will tell you everything about starting a tech blog and making it successful.

So read on.

Should you start a tech blog?

You should definitely start a tech blog if you are a-

  • Techie.
  • Own a tech company which manufactures products and/or provides services.

If you are a techie, starting a tech blog will help you to share your expertise with the world, earn, deepen your understanding about tech, get your dream job, etc.

If you own a tech company, there is no excuse for not starting a blog.

With your blog you can showcase your products and services, attract potential customers, interact with them, show how your products can solve their problems, etc.

Steps to start a tech blog-

Starting a tech blog is very easy

Starting a tech blog is no different than starting a typical blog.

If you are planning to start on WordPress, you just need to follow these three steps-

  • Purchase a domain name and web hosting.
  • Install WordPress on your web hosting.
  • Install required theme and plugins.

That’s all, your blog is ready.

Now you can publish blog posts related to tech on it.

Even though starting a tech blog is very simple and straightforward, you need to remember the following points before starting out.

Niche down-

Technology is a huge niche and many companies are running big technology blogs.

For example, the popular tech blogs like TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Engadget, etc. are run by huge companies with several employees.

So, as an individual blogger, starting a general tech blog is not at all feasible.

You don’t have the necessary resources and time to compete with these established mammoth blogs.

This is where niching down helps.

Instead of starting a general tech blog, if you choose a micro niche for your blog, you can publish high quality articles on a consistent basis.

But if you start a general tech blog and try to cover many different sub niches in it, you will find it very difficult to consistently publish blog posts on each and every sub niche.

You will easily get burn out and as a general tech blog demands many articles regularly, you will compromise quality for quantity.

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Steps to niche down-

Identify the sub niches in technology

First of all, you need to identify the sub niches in technology in which you have interest and/or knowledge.

Then, identify the micro niches in these sub niches and select any one micro niche.

Finally, start a blog on it.

By doing this, you will face a lot less competition and your blog posts will rank quickly.

Let me illustrate this concept with an example.

For example, in the technology niche, if the sub niche smartphones interest you.

Then, you should further niche down this sub niche into different micro niches.

One of the micro niches of smartphones is folding smartphones.

If this micro niche interests you, you can start a tech blog on it.

With a micro niche blog, it is easier to rank, gain authority and become an expert.

Tips for identifying micro niches-

If you can’t come up with micro niche topics, then you can get inspiration from visiting different technology websites and glancing through their categories.

For example, when you visit Engadget blog, you can find various blog ideas from their navigation bar like reviews, gear, gaming, fitness tech, home entertainment, personal security, outdoor tech, parenting and tech, etc.

The navigation bar of Engadget
The navigation bar of Engadget

Additionally, various tech subreddits can provide you with blog niche ideas.

Fortunately, technology is a huge niche with a vast number of micro niches.

Another good news is many new technologies are unveiled all the time.

This means that you will not have any dearth of micro niche blog topics.

All you have to do is to identify a less competitive micro niche, one in which you have knowledge and start a blog based on that.

Use Google Trends-

Google Trends is an awesome free tool which indicates the popularity and seasonality of your niche.

Choose a niche which is popular and is not seasonal that is, popular all through the year.

Google Trends for Artificial intelligence
Google Trends for Artificial intelligence

Also be careful to not select those tech niches which are fad.


As technology is a rapidly changing field, you need to frequently update your tech blog on a regular basis to stay relevant.

If you are a full time blogger and/or have a team of writers with a lot of time for blogging then, you can select a tech micro niche which updates very frequently.

Like for example, Android smartphones is a niche which updates very frequently.

Or you can also start a tech news website.

But if you are a part time blogger and/or the only one working on your blog and are time deficit, you can select a tech micro niche which is somewhat less frequently updated.

For example, Apple releases only a few iPhones per year. If you start a blog in this niche, then it requires less frequent updation.

Or you can start a tech blog focused on tutorials.

How to stay updated?

As a tech blogger you need to obtain tech news and information from various different sources.

Also, you should spend an hour or two daily for staying abreast with tech.

For this purpose, you can do the following things-

  • Follow popular tech blogs and subscribe to their newsletters.
  • Set Google Alerts for the websites and topics related to tech.
  • Use news aggregators like Feedly, Flipboard, etc. to get updates from different blogs in one location.
  • Follow the social media handles of tech companies, tech CEOs, tech people, etc. and also follow those people whom these companies and people are following.
  • Attend tech conferences and events like CES, Dublin Tech Summit, etc.

You should write and publish a blog post only after gaining enough knowledge about a topic and verifying the genuinity of the sources.

Also, as the tech niche is based on the first-mover advantage, you should act swift and publish blog posts as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Solve your readers’ problems-

Solve your readers’ problems through your tech blog

Your tech blog should not all be about tech but also about how it improves the lives of your readers.

Your blog posts should address the problems of your users by using technology.

You can drive huge traffic to your blog when you write in this fashion.

So, first of all you should know about your audience well and then, write blog posts addressing their problems.

Earning potential-

There are many ways to earn well from a tech blog.

You can earn by displaying advertisements on your tech blog.

Usually, a tech niche gets decent CPC advertisements, so you can make decent money through ads.

You can earn handsomely through advertisements if you target topics which are popular in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Also, there are a lot of affiliate programs in the tech niche which pay you well.

But before starting a tech blog, you should research for the commission rates of the affiliate programs of your niche.

If you review various products and services, then you can join respective affiliate programs and earn from all of them.

Additionally, you can earn from direct ads, sponsored posts, speaking opportunities or you can also sell your own tech products, merch, online courses and services.

Tech review blog-

As tech review blogs are very popular, in this section I will discuss everything you need to know about starting a successful tech review blog.

Basically, in technology you can review tech software and hardware (gadgets).

But in this section, I will talk only about a gadget review blog.

How to get products for reviewing?


In the beginning, not many manufacturers will be willing to send you free review products.

So, you have to purchase the products with your own money.

Later after reviewing them, you can sell those products and recover some of your money.

If you don’t have cash to purchase new gadgets, you can either buy second hand gadgets or rent them.

Review existing gadgets or borrow them-

In the initial days, it is not economically feasible to buy all the gadgets.

So, you can review the products which you already have or borrow from your friends and family.

Start small-

Initially, it is very difficult to afford expensive gadgets for reviewing on your blog.

If this is the case, you should purchase and review the affordable gadgets.

Many big blogs usually cover the mainstream and expensive gadgets.

So, you can fill this void by reviewing affordable gadgets.

Review units-

Once your blog gets a little popular, some companies will send you products for reviewing.

In some cases, you need to return the products to the respective companies after reviewing them.

But in some cases, a few companies will allow you to keep the products to yourself.

The companies do these things for marketing their products and creating brand awareness.

They want their products to get featured on your blog and want to reach your audience.

So, they send you the products, so that you can review them and share the reviews with your audience.

How to get review products from brands?

To get review products from brands, you need to amass a good readership and high quality content.

If you have a huge number of subscribers to your blog and followers to your social media profiles, you can display this information on your blog.

ShoutMeLoud displaying its number of subscribers
ShoutMeLoud displaying its number of subscribers

In the about section of your blog, you can display the number of blog visitors.

If your blog has high quality blog posts and a good number of readers, the brands themselves will contact you to give you products to review.

Also, provide your contact information like your email address in the about section of your blog, so that brands can reach you.

You can also create social media accounts by your blog’s name.

By this, you can contact brands through social media and expect a good response rate.

If the brands don’t approach you, you should approach the brands by emailing them explaining about your gadget review blog and the reasons for why they should send you gadgets for reviewing.

Also mention how quickly you can write and publish review blog posts, the quicker the better.

Finding the email addresses of brands is not difficult because nowadays every brand has a website and you can easily find their email address on the contact section of their website.

Be honest-

In order to run a successful gadget review blog, being honest is very important.

Even when brands send you free review products, you should never write biased reviews.

And if you don’t like a product, instead of bashing the product or the brand, you should provide constructive criticism.

You should also disclose it upfront, in the top section of the blog post if you are publishing sponsored posts or including affiliate links in your blog posts.

Remember to never mislead and cheat your readers.

Start a YouTube channel-

You should start a YouTube channel accompanying your gadget review blog.

You can attract a huge audience by this combination of blog and YouTube channel.

Also, you can drive traffic from your YouTube channel to your blog and can embed YouTube videos in your blog posts.

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So, are you going to start a tech blog?

On which topic are you planning to start your tech blog?

Please comment below, I would love to know.

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