Do you want your blog to get approved by the Google AdSense?

Sometimes after applying for AdSense, the AdSense dashboard will be showing the message- We’re working on setting you up for many months.

Ideally, within two weeks you should receive an email from the Google AdSense regarding whether your AdSense account has been approved or not.

But if it is past two weeks and you haven’t received any email from AdSense, then you need to check a few things.

I also faced this same problem but successfully resolved it.

And by this article, I will help you to easily resolve this issue.

So read on.

The reason for this problem-

While setting up an AdSense account, if you forget to paste the AdSense code in the HTML of your blog or website you will never get approved into AdSense.

Only after you paste this code, AdSense will review your site and either approve or disapprove your blog.

Even if AdSense rejects your application this isn’t a problem because you can reapply for AdSense.

But the main problem occurs when you don’t get any reply from AdSense.

And this happens when you don’t paste AdSense code into the HTML of your blog.

We are working on setting you up in Google AdSense
We are working on setting you up in Google AdSense

Why is pasting AdSense code important?

Pasting the code that AdSense provides you into the HTML of your site confirms that you are the owner of your site.

Only the owner of a site can edit its HTML on the back end.

If you can’t edit the HTML of your blog by pasting AdSense code in it, AdSense can’t confirm that you are the owner of the site.

So, it will reject your AdSense application.

How to paste the AdSense code?

  • While activating your AdSense account, AdSense will ask to connect your site to AdSense. AdSense will provide you a code and ask you to paste the code in the HTML section of your website in between the <head> and </head> tags.
  • You have to copy the code as it is and paste in the HTML of your blog below the <head> tag.
  • If you are using WordPress, you can use the plugins like Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginner, Header Footer Code Manager, etc. to place the code in the header section of your website.
  • But if you are using Blogger, you need to head over to Theme and click on the drop-down button near CUSTOMIZE. You will be provided with an option to Edit HTML. Click on Edit HTML and add the AdSense code after the <head> tag.
  • After pasting the code, you should return to the AdSense dashboard and check on the box titled I’ve pasted the code into my site and click on DONE.
  • Then, you have to proceed with the remaining steps like providing your address and full name, etc. in the AdSense dashboard.
CUSTOMIZE button in Blogger
CUSTOMIZE button in Blogger
Edit HTML option in Blogger
Edit HTML option in Blogger

My experience-

In the initial days of my blogging career, I also faced this issue.

I applied for AdSense and expected for a response within two weeks as mentioned by them.

But I didn’t get any reply from them even after waiting for several months.

I also sent feedback to Google AdSense regarding this issue and also asked for a solution to this problem in AdSense Help but nothing helped.

Later, while researching I realised that I missed placing the AdSense code in the HTML of my blog.

So, I logged into my AdSense account and searched for the AdSense code but at that time the code was unavailable (it seems that AdSense shows the code only for a few hours or days).

So, I deleted that AdSense account and created a new Gmail account and opened a new AdSense account with it.

This time, I pasted the AdSense code into the HTML of my blog.

Within two weeks I got a reply from the AdSense team.

Later, my AdSense account got approved and I started using AdSense.

I recommend you to follow the steps mentioned in this article and get approved into the AdSense.

If you face any other difficulties to get approved into AdSense, you can ask me in the comment section below.

I will try my best to answer all your queries.

Please appreciate my work by sharing this article.

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