Are you looking to quickly resolve a critical error in your WordPress site?

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If you have been greeted with the message- There Has Been A Critical Error On This Website after updating your WordPress plugins or themes then, this article will help you.

Recently, I too faced this issue after updating a plugin and I resolved this issue within five minutes.

After reading this article, you too can quickly and easily resolve this issue.

So read on.

The reason-

In most of the cases, the reason for this critical error is either updating a plugin or theme.

When you update a plugin it might conflict with your website’s theme or other plugins and same is the case with updating themes.

You should follow the below mentioned steps to resolve this issue.

Steps to follow

  • After updating a plugin(s), your WordPress dashboard will display the message- There Has Been A Critical Error On This Website.
  • And due to this you couldn’t login into your WordPress dashboard as you normally would do.

Check your inbox-

  • You should check the inbox of your email for a message from WordPress titled- [Your site name] Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue.
  • If you are using Gmail and didn’t receive this email in your Primary tab, you should check the other tabs like Social and Promotions. Also, check in your Gmail’s spam folder.
  • I received this email in my Gmail’s Promotions tab.

On which email address will you receive this email?

WordPress will send you this email to the email address which you provided in the Administration Email Address field in your WordPress dashboard.

Method to view your WordPress’s Administration Email Address (works only when you can access your WordPress dashboard)-

You can view your Administration Email Address by heading over to the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard and then, go to settings and then, general settings. Here, you will find your Administration Email Address.

Identify the troublemaker-

Carefully read the subject of the email to learn which plugin caused this error.

Login to your WordPress dashboard-

In this same email, WordPress will provide you with a link to a recovery mode to your WordPress dashboard.

You should click on this link to login into your WordPress dashboard in the recovery mode.

Head over to the installed plugins and here the plugin which caused the critical error will be paused and below that plugin, WordPress will show the message- This plugin failed to load properly and is paused during recovery mode.

Two choices-

  • If you no longer need this plugin, you can deactivate and delete it and then exit from the recovery mode.
  • But if you need this plugin, continue reading this blog post.


  • Take a complete backup of your site.
  • Install the WP Rollback plugin and activate it.
  • Head over to the Plugins page and identify the plugin which is responsible for the error.
  • Below that plugin, you will be provided with an option to rollback.
  • Just click on rollback and rollback to an older version of the plugin.
  • After rolling back, resume (activate) the plugin.
  • If you need to rollback your theme, head over to Appearance in the WordPress sidebar, then Themes and click on the theme which caused this error and you will be provided with an option to rollback the theme.
Rollback options of theme
Rollback options of theme

Exit recovery mode-

  • Finally, exit the recovery mode.
  • You can exit the recovery mode by clicking on the Exit Recovery Mode button present in the top right corner of your WordPress dashboard.
  • Now, you can normally login into your WordPress dashboard.
Exit recovery mode options
Exit recovery mode options

Provide feedback-

  • Provide feedback to the developer of the plugin regarding this issue.
  • And update the plugin only after the developer has addressed the issue.
  • But I updated the plugin after a couple of days even when the developer hasn’t addressed the issue and thankfully, this time the plugin didn’t cause any issue.

Disable automatic updates-

  • By now, you might have realised that updating plugins and themes might cause critical errors.
  • Your site will experience downtime until you resolve this error, so it is important to immediately fix these types of errors.
  • If you have enabled automatic updates of your WordPress plugins and themes, you should disable it and only manually update them. The main reason for this is when you turn on automatic updates, your plugins and themes will get automatically updated and if you are away from your computer, you can’t resolve this issue until you reach your computer and until then, your website might experience downtime.
  • But when you manually update your plugins and themes, you will be present at your computer and if by chance, if these types of errors occur, you can quickly resolve them and maintain good uptime of your website.

I hope that this article helped you to fix the critical error of your WordPress website.

Did you completely fix this error or are you still facing any issues?

Please tell me in the comment section below.

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