Pavan Agrawal is one of the most successful bloggers of India.

One of his Hindi blogs, Deepawali receives millions of monthly visitors.

And the combined traffic of all his blogs and websites is over four million visitors per month.

Pavan Agrawal’s life story is very interesting as he left his high paying software engineer job to pursue blogging.

And after facing many difficulties, he became a very successful blogger.

If you aim to become successful at blogging, you should definitely read Pavan Agrawal’s success story.

So read on.


Pavan Agrawal hails from Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh and did his primary schooling there.

Then, he shifted to Sagar to join St.Joseph’s Convent Senior Secondary School for his secondary schooling.

Later, in 2004, Pavan Agrawal graduated in electrical engineering from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT), Bhopal.

And in the same year, he got placed in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).


Pavan Agrawal worked as a Software Engineer

For nearly six years and ten months, from May 2005 to Feb 2012, Pavan Agrawal worked as a Software Engineer in TCS.

At TCS, he worked as an Assistant Software Engineer (ASE) and got an opportunity to work in the United States for two years.

In February 2012, Pavan Agrawal shifted to Rolta India Limited to work as a Senior Software Engineer.

And he worked here for two years until February 2014.

Problem brings an opportunity-

Both Pavan Agrawal and his younger brother were working in TCS.

During that time, his brother got married and migrated to the United Kingdom (UK).

Even though Pavan Agrawal’s sister-in-law, Ankita Agrawal was a MBA graduate, she couldn’t succeed to secure a job due to her accent problem.

So, Pavan and his brother planned to empower her by starting their own business.

From software to blogging-

In 2012, Pavan Agrawal and his brother planned to develop a software to ease the navigation of a marketplace by the name, Palam Vyapaar Kendra in Haryana.

At that time, their plan was to digitise the 350 shops of this market.

As both the brothers were busy in their jobs, they hired a person to help them.

And during the process, they realised that the cost of implementing this idea is too high and also this project was very laborious.

So, meanwhile Pavan Agrawal inspired his sister-in-law to start blogging.

Their plan was to market their software product through blogging but later they abandoned working on the software product but not blogging.

His inspirations-

Pavan Agrawal was inspired

Amit Agarwal, the father of Indian blogging motivated Pavan Agrawal to start blogging.

Later, he also derived inspiration from Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud.

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At that time, Pavan Agrawal was doing a job, so he had no dearth of money.

So, he invested in Google Adwords (now Google Ads) to purchase ads to drive traffic to his blog and popularise it.

Later, Pavan Agrawal also started buying ads from at cheap prices.

At that time, he had no idea of organic traffic and all he knew was of arbitrage.

Pavan Agrawal’s business model was to drive traffic to his blogs monetised by Google AdSense through arbitrage and earn money.

Becoming a full-time blogger-

This went on for two years and then, Pavan Agrawal thought of quitting his software job as he was making good money through his blogs.

In fact, he was earning more with his blogs than that with his job and as his blogs were consuming most of his time, he decided to quit his job and solely focus on blogging.

Pavan Agrawal was earning around ₹15 lakhs per annum with his job whereas his blogs were earning him nearly ₹36-48 lakhs per annum.

Pavan Agrawal became a full-time blogger

Finally, he quit his job in January 2014 and became a full-time blogger.

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Many people weren’t convinced with Pavan Agrawal’s decision to resign from his well paying job.

His colleagues thought he went crazy and they believed that his business couldn’t succeed and he would return to his job.

Also, Pavan Agrawal’s wife wasn’t happy with him leaving his job.

But as he belongs to the Bania community which loves doing business, he was very satisfied to work on his own blogging business.

Mentor who was wrong-

After quitting his job, Pavan Agrawal started working from 91springboard, a co-working space.

There he approached a mentor to discuss his blogging business plan with him.

The mentor belittled Pavan Agrawal and said that he took the dumbest decision of quitting the job for blogging.

He opined that he should have continued his job by hiring a person for ₹50,000 for blogging.

Thankfully, Pavan Agrawal didn’t agree with the mentor and never stopped working on his blogs and this later made him successful.

Calm before the storm-

After quitting his job and becoming a full-time blogger, everything went fine for the first six months.

As Pavan Agrawal previously worked in the USA, he focused on keywords like Obamacare, Miss Universe, etc. and earned very well with AdSense.

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Then, during the seventh month, the traffic to his websites and earnings tanked because of a Google update.

At that time, there was an option for Pavan Agrawal to rejoin his job as a software engineer.

But he didn’t feel like returning to the job because previously his colleagues humiliated him by saying that he can’t succeed at business and will return to job.

Six more months-

During this time, Pavan Agrawal’s younger brother suggested that he stick with blogging for six more months and see if things turn around.

Pavan Agrawal realised the importance of SEO

Previously, he wasn’t focusing on organic traffic but around this time, he concentrated on gaining organic traffic for his blogs through search engine optimization (SEO).

Also, Pavan Agrawal started learning about blogging in-depth.

At that time, he mainly followed Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of Moz.

Gopal Mishra-

Around 2014, Pavan Agrawal didn’t have a blog in Hindi and all of his blogs were in English.

Also, at that time there weren’t many Hindi blogs online.

Pavan Agrawal came across Gopal Mishra, the owner of a Hindi blog, and spoke with him over the telephone.

At that time AchhiKhabar.Com was receiving huge traffic.

In early 2014, Google AdSense wasn’t supporting Hindi language blogs, so Hindi blogs weren’t monetizable.

So, Pavan Agrawal was surprised with Gopal Mishra working on a Hindi blog even though he couldn’t earn from it and enquired him about the reason for working on

Gopal Mishra reinforced that working on a Hindi blog wouldn’t go waste as he was confident that in the future Google AdSense will support Hindi language.

His prediction came true when AdSense started supporting Hindi language blogs from December 14, 2014.

Birth of Deepawali-

Pavan Agrawal was inspired by the traffic of and so, he started blogging in Hindi on his blog

As there weren’t many Hindi blogs at that time, he had the benefit of the early bird and his blog started getting good traffic.

Blogs of Pavan Agrawal are successful

Later, Pavan Agrawal started two other Hindi blogs and now the combined traffic of all his Hindi blogs is around 2.5 million.

Deepawali is considered as one of the top ten Hindi blogs of India.

Also, Pavan Agrawal operates 12 blogs in English.

So, he runs a total of 15 blogs in various languages and niches.

The main sources of his revenue are AdSense and acceptance of guest posts on his blogs.

Before starting Deepawali, Pavan Agrawal ran 27 other blogs and all of them failed.

Only his 28th blog, Deepawali succeeded.


Apart from being a successful blogger, Pavan Agrawal is also a successful YouTuber and digital marketer.

His YouTube channels include Learn and Earn with Pavan Agrawal, Deepawali Brand and Business Ideas.

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Also, Pavan Agrawal’s daughter Anjani runs a YouTube channel by the name, Anjanis Toy World.

He also founded AK Online Services Pvt Ltd and creates digital marketing courses for brands.

Earnings and team-

The combined earnings of all of Pavan Agrawal’s blogs and YouTube channels is approximately ₹50 lakhs per annum.

His team consists of all three of his family members and five employees.

Occasionally, Pavan Agrawal also hires freelancers.

So, how did the story of Pavan Agrawal inspire you?

And what was the most important thing that you learned from his life story?

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