Are you planning to start a second blog and wondering whether it’s the right thing to do or not?

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In this article I not only discussed the right time to start multiple blogs but also many benefits of having a portfolio of blogs.

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Struggle of every blogger-

Many bloggers, especially newbies after starting a blog and working on it for a few months, wonder whether they should start other blogs or not.

As bloggers research a lot, they come across many niches, so it will be tempting to start blogs on them.

For starters

First of all, you should extensively research the right niche for your blog.

The right niche is something which has decent search volume with people preferring to read.

Then, start a blog in that niche and in your first year of blogging, you should stick with that single blog and shouldn’t think of starting another blog(s).

In the beginning, it is paramount that you devote your focus only on a single blog.

Your first year of blogging will be very hectic as you need to learn many things about content management system (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, graphic designing, etc. that you will be barely left with any time to work on a second blog.

So, if you start an additional blog, you will get overwhelmed and sidetracked and cannot grow either of your blogs and this is extremely demotivating.

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Therefore in the beginning, work on a single blog with full dedication and you will see your blog receiving traffic and your blog posts ranking in search engines.

For experienced bloggers-

Your blogging career should not depend only on a single blog

After blogging for a full year, you should consider starting a second blog or multiple blogs.

You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket and your blogging career shouldn’t depend only on a single blog.

So start multiple blogs because this ensures the security of your blogging career.

If you hire a team to help you, you can start even more blogs.

If you are operating multiple blogs monetised by different methods and if unfortunately, one of your blogs starts dwindling, then there wouldn’t be much of a worry for you as your other blogs will be performing well.

But if you only have a single blog and if it starts performing poorly, then your blogging career will be in jeopardy.

Strong reason to start another blog

If you are working on your blog for an entire year and aren’t getting results, then you should examine whether you are committing any mistakes or not.

If you realise that you made mistakes, you should rectify them and wait for a few months to see improvements.

But if you don’t see any improvements, then it is a strong indication that you have chosen the wrong niche for your blog.

In this case, you shouldn’t cling to your blog forever.

You should research another blog niche and start a new blog.

In any case, you shouldn’t keep on working on a blog forever.

For any blog, you need to set a time frame and set a few goals.

You should continue working on a blog only if that blog is yielding results at the time frame that you set.

First blog might not succeed-

First blog usually does not succeed

It is common for many bloggers for their first blogs to fail.

When you are new to blogging, you might have committed some mistakes like writing poor content, publishing infrequently, not setting up or configuring your blog properly, not analysing the competition thereby choosing the wrong niche and all these mistakes might be hindering the growth of your first blog.

If your first blog succeeds, then you are exceptionally lucky.

But like many others, if your first blog doesn’t make it, then don’t hesitate to start another blog in a different niche or change the niche of your existing blog.

Thanks to the experience that you gained with your first blog, your second blog will grow relatively quickly and easily.


  • Darren Rowse initially started a blog on Blogger and deleted it. Then, he started another blog on churches by the name LivingRoom and only after a year of blogging, he started his Digital Photography Blog. This blog is his most successful blog.
  • Initially, Harsh Agrawal started ShoutMeLoud as a tech blog but later he realised the scope of digital marketing. So, he changed the niche of his blog to digital marketing.

So, from the above examples it is apparent that bloggers don’t hold on to their initial blog forever.

If they don’t see potential in their first blog, they either change their blog’s niche or start a new blog(s).

And to become a successful blogger, you also need to do the same.

Changing niche vs starting a new blog-

If your blog name and domain name can accommodate the new niche, you can change the niche of your blog.

This is possible with a brandable domain name.

But if your blog’s domain name is tied to a particular niche, you don’t have an option but to buy a new domain name and start a blog with it.

Bring in diversity-

You might have more than one interest and might get exhausted by always writing blog posts in a single niche.

As your first blog will be focusing on a niche, you can’t publish blog posts unrelated to that niche.

So, to express your other interests, you can start another blog and if you think that both of your blogs are somewhat related, you can cross promote your new blog with the help of your old blog.

Examples of bloggers running multiple blogs-

  • Darren Rowse runs two blogs, namely ProBlogger and Digital Photography School.
  • Harsh Agrawal through his company ShoutDreams runs a total of six blogs.

Don’t overdo-

Even though it is good to have multiple blogs, you shouldn’t start too many of them if you can’t manage them properly.

Only start a new blog when you are confident that you have time, energy and resources to grow and manage your new blog.


In your first year of blogging, completely focus on a single blog.

And from the second year onwards, think of starting your second or multiple blogs.

Since when are you blogging and how many blogs are you running now?

Tell me in the comment section below, I’m curious to know.

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