Don’t have motivation for blogging?

Then, this article is a must read for you as here I will be motivating you to successfully overcome the most daunting phases of blogging.

This article will also inspire you to work consistently on your blog and achieve all your blogging goals.

So read on.

Realize that this is a long process-

Yes, achieving success with your blog takes a long time.

With your brand new blog you might be struggling to get momentum and in the initial months, not many people will be visiting your blog.

But it is important to remember that only those bloggers who are able to overcome this difficult phase have become successful.

If you are a new blogger, it might take a year or year and half to achieve success.

But if you are an adept blogger, it could take six months to achieve success with your new blog.

Before embarking on the blogging journey, it helps to remember that achieving success with your blog is a time-consuming process.

So, while starting out, keep your expectations low and be ready to commit to your blog for an extended period of time.

This is where being patient, trusting the process and having never give up attitude helps.

Remember your why?

remember what inspired you to start blogging

There will definitely be some motivations which inspired you to start blogging.

Maybe you wanted to follow your passions or wanted to become financially independent and stop living from paycheck to paycheck or become your own boss.

The reason could be any but it is important to remember and note down your why.

For this purpose, you can use any note taking app, diary, bulletin board, etc.

In the difficult times recollecting why you wanted to start blogging in the first place definitely helps.

It will be even better if you make it a daily habit to think of your why before starting to work on your blog.

Majority of the bloggers start their journey as solopreneurs.

So, there is no one around them to motivate them in their blogging journey, it’s their own responsibility to be self-motivated.

Celebrate small wins-

Celebrate small milestones in your blogging journey

You should definitely celebrate small milestones in your blogging journey.

Maybe today someone subscribed to your blog or you got a positive comment on one of your blog posts or your blog got a record number of visitors or you learned something new.

As something is better than nothing, you should pat yourself on the back even on the small wins.

Whenever you feel low, revisiting the positive comments on your blog posts helps.

Also, seeing how far you have come in the blogging journey so far is useful.

You might have published fifty blog posts or you might be getting a daily traffic of fifty visitors to your blog.

Feeling proud of your accomplishments keeps you happy.

Snowball effect-

Achieving success with a blog resembles that of snowball effect.

Initially, you might struggle with your blog for small successes but with the passage of time, the snowball effect kicks in.

The content library (blog posts) which you have built over the time and the amount of knowledge gained over the time helps in this process.

Don’t compare-

We all know that every human being is unique, so are their strengths, weaknesses and success stories.

So, it is inappropriate to compare yourself with the hugely successful bloggers.

When you constantly compare yourself with others, you will only get demotivated.

So instead of comparing yourself with them, learn and get inspired from their success stories.

A motivational quote for bloggers

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Everyone starts from the beginning, so if you are in the initial stages of blogging, feel comfortable.

Be confident-

You should wholeheartedly believe in your efforts and be confident that one day or the other, you will definitely achieve success.

It is nearly impossible to succeed when you doubt yourself and your capabilities.

While in scepticism, it is hard to give your hundred percent as you will fear that your hard work might not yield any positive results.

So, believe yourself and rock on.

But make sure to not become over-confident as here, you will stop learning and growing.

Love your blog-

Love your blog and its niche

It is very difficult to get demotivated when you love working on your blog.

It is your passion towards your blog and niche which will make your blogging career a lot smoother.

Also, you will not feel writing like a chore and there will be no dearth of blog post ideas.

Be very helpful-

Your audience will love you if you provide great value with your blog.

And this inturn will keep you inspired and your blog will have a meaning for its existence.

So, make sure to enlighten your audience and help solve their real life problems.

Also make certain to write blog posts covering basics before writing advanced topics.

This will help your audience to better understand the entirety of the topic.


Visualize your success

Visualization is a powerful technique which will help you stay motivated.

If you feel like giving up on your blog, just visualize how you would feel after becoming a successful blogger, earning great money from your blog, helping the masses, creating a huge library of useful blog posts, living life on your own terms, etc.

Imagine where you would be after a year, five years or ten years, by that time, you should have become the thought leader in your niche.

This one technique is enough to uplift your spirits.

Plan your success-

Having a content calendar or to-do list is a must for every blogger.

It is hard to consistently work on your blog and follow the right steps if you don’t have a proper plan.

You will never lose enthusiasm when you perfectly follow your plan.

When you plan beforehand, you expend your energy on doing the things rather than thinking about what needs to be done and this saves a lot of time.

Generally, you should plan your week like this-

  • Day 1- Perform keyword research.
  • Day 2- Research about your topic.
  • Day 3 and 4- Write the article.
  • Day 5- Edit and proofread your article.
  • Day 6- Create some images for your blog post, perform on-page SEO and publish it and think of the topic for your next article and note it down.
  • Day 7- Take a break.

Planning like this gets the things done and will save you from procrastination.

In addition to having a content creation plan, you should also have plans for monetization, marketing, etc.

Apart from having a weekly plan, you should also have quarterly, half-yearly and yearly plans for your blog.

Ensure that your plans stay flexible because as you learn new things, you might want to change your initial plans.

It is also important to not keep big action items as you might get disappointed upon not accomplishing them.


Never stop experimenting and learning

Everyone commits mistakes in the beginning like choosing a wrong niche, incorrect blogging platform, etc.

If you feel like you chose the wrong niche and you can’t write any articles in it, don’t hesitate to change your niche or start a new blog in the niche you are interested in.

Changing the niche of your existing blog is more feasible in the beginning than in the latter phase.

ShoutMeLoud, one of the popular blogging websites also started off as a technology blog.

Have a break-

Sometimes you might mistake being tired for being demotivated.

If you are working on your blog for more than a week without taking a break, then you might get burnt out.

So, when you get tired of blogging, just take a break for a day and this helps you to recharge your batteries and later, work on your blog with renewed energy.

Some bloggers don’t like to blog in a particular place for a long period of time, if you are such a blogger, try to blog in a new place like in a café, coworking space, etc.

Measure controllables-

If you are fretting too much over the uncontrollables, then you are wasting both your time and energy.

In blogging, the things which you can control (controllables) are performing keyword research, researching and writing blog posts, the number of blog posts which you can write, the amount of effort you put into your blog, the quality of blog posts, etc.

And the things on which you cannot directly exert your control (uncontrollables) are your earnings, the rankings of your blog posts on SERPs (search engine results pages), the number of page views, etc.

You can become successful a lot easier and faster when you focus more on the controllables rather than on the uncontrollables.

Remember that you are not a failure until you quit.

I hope that I did enough work to motivate you.

If you read and remember the above mentioned tips, one day for sure you will become so successful that every other blogger sees you as an inspirational figure.

Which other strategies do you use for staying motivated while blogging?

Please type them in the comment section.

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Naveen Reddy

Hi, I am Naveen Reddy, the founder of Neat Blogging. I am a very passionate blogger and my motto is to simplify and redefine blogging and teach the right mindset required to become a successful blogger.


Ryan K Biddulph · August 7, 2020 at 6:13 PM

Naveen I absolutely love your lessons bro! Spot on post. This is a long journey challenging you big time in moments. Loving blogging and being realistic with expectations keeps you motivated, calm and precise in all you do. Thanks for sharing actionable tips to be energized for this long, fascinating blogging ride.

    Naveen Reddy · August 7, 2020 at 6:21 PM

    Hi Ryan, thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog post and leave a valuable comment.
    Yes, by being inspired we can do more in a better way.

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