You may be very excited to start blogging but you might not have a personal computer or laptop.

And you might be probably wondering whether you can blog from your smartphone or not.

This article is also a must read for the bloggers who own a PC or laptop but prefer to blog with a phone.

In this article, I will elaborate everything about blogging with a mobile phone and will list out some productivity hacks.

Also, I will highlight the differences between blogging with a phone and personal computer (PC) or laptop.

The short answer-

Yes, you can blog with your phone and make money from it.

The modern smartphones have become very capable and powerful and they can do almost all the things which a desktop or laptop computer can do.

Also, as these mobile devices are very portable, you can blog from anywhere and at any time.

Out of all the advantages there are also a few downsides of blogging with mobile which I am going to emphasize in this blog post.

Mobile blogging-

Definition of mobile blogging

The process of blogging with a mobile device is known as mobile blogging (moblogging).

When do you need a PC?

Initially, for setting up your blog you will require a desktop PC or laptop.

As setting up a blog is a little complicated task either on a self-hosted WordPress or Blogger, you will definitely need a PC.

In case of WordPress you need to purchase a domain, hosting and connect both of them and then, install WordPress and suitable theme (and customize it) and plugins.

Starting a blog with Blogger is comparably less complex as here, you need to assign a name to your blog and select a subdomain or domain and theme (and customize it).

Performing all the above mentioned tasks with a mobile is very difficult and so, you should get a PC or laptop and with it you can set up your blog within a day.

After this, you can easily carry out all the remaining work like creating blog posts, pages, etc. with your smartphone.

Blog applications-

There are many useful applications for blogging

If you own either an Android device or iPhone, thankfully there are many useful applications for blogging.

If you start a blog on the Blogger platform, you should install the official Blogger application from Google Play in your Android phone.

On an iPhone, as there is no official Blogger app, you can install third party applications like BlogTouch for Blogger or Blogg for Blogger from the App Store.

With these applications, you can view or manage your multiple Blogger blogs.

If you intend to start on WordPress, then you should install the WordPress application on your Android mobile or iPhone.

This app allows you to connect your multiple WordPress blogs.

Thankfully, these applications allow you to perform all the blogging tasks with your mobile phone like composing, editing and publishing blog posts, adding hyperlinks, images, videos, etc.

You can capture images and record videos with your mobile phone camera and upload them to your blog posts.

As you always carry your smartphone with you, you can quickly approve and reply to your blog comments.

The WordPress application is more feature-rich than the Blogger app.

Productivity apps-

There are quite a few applications which you can use to enhance your productiveness.

Note taking-

You might not always have good internet connectivity on your mobile phone.

So, having a note taking app which also works offline helps you to uninterruptedly write down articles and have their back up.

After writing your articles on these apps, you can easily copy and paste them on your blog post and publish.

You can also use these apps to quickly jot down any blog post ideas.

Noting down the ideas as soon as they pop up is important because you might forget them.

Some of the popular note taking apps are-

  • Google Keep
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Evernote
  • ColorNote, etc.

You can also use Google Docs. This app provides the spelling check feature.

Graphic designing-

You should add beautiful, custom designed images to your blog posts to captivate the attention of your readers.

Canva app is helpful

For this purpose, you can use Canva: Graphic Design, Video Collage, Logo Maker application.

You can use the apps like Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, PicsArt Photo Editor, etc. for editing photos.

Google Analytics-

Google Analytics allows you to better understand the visitors to your website and the performance of your blog posts.

Before using this app make sure to integrate Google Analytics with your blog.

Social Networking-

You should use social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to share your blog posts.

Also, you can schedule your blog posts to be automatically shared on social media by using apps like Buffer: Social Media Manager, Metricool for Social Media, etc.

Get PC experience-

A good part of mobile blogging is that you can also view the dashboard of your WordPress or Blogger blog and your blog as it appears on a PC.

For this, you need to use a browser and enable desktop mode in it.

But the only drawback is that the font size appears very small, so you should zoom your screen.

Even if you publish the blog posts from your smartphone, you should always ensure that they appear properly to the desktop users.

You can do this by opening your blog post in the desktop mode of your mobile phone browser.

Also, you can use the desktop mode to get all the options (blog settings) as you will get on a computer.

Make right investment-

From the above paragraphs, it is very clear that you can blog with your smartphone.

Remember the bigger the display the more easier it is for you to blog, so always prefer a mobile device with a bigger display.

A PC or laptop will boost your productivity

But purchasing a PC or laptop would boost your productivity as a blogger.

If you can’t afford one, I would recommend you to buy at least a refurbished or used laptop or PC.

If you already have any one of them, you should prefer blogging on them instead on a mobile because with those devices, you can easily manage things, and type faster.

Also, editing the HTML of your blog is very tough with your smartphone.

With a computer you can easily perform research for your keywords and blog posts.

If you have a tablet computer, you can use it too as it has a bigger display than a smartphone.

As a PC or laptop has bigger screens, you will not strain your eyes and get frustrated by focusing on the smaller font sizes on a smartphone.


As a blogger, you need to type blog posts with thousands of words.

Unfortunately, typing and editing on a smartphone is a time consuming and slow process.

According to a research conducted by Aalto University, University of Cambridge and ETH Zürich the average typing speed on a smartphone is 38 words per minute on average which is around 25% slower than the typing speeds achieved with physical keyboards.

Also, smartphone users typically type only with their thumbs but when you type on a full-size keyboard you will utilize all your ten fingers.

When you use all your fingers to type, you can type faster and for longer periods and your fingers will get less strained and you will commit far less spelling and grammatical errors.

So, when you blog on your mobile device you will spend more time typing an article.

But you should not worry as here, I will be sharing a jugaad with you to overcome this issue.

OTG cable-

use of an OTG cable

With the help of an On The Go adapter (OTG cable or OTG connector) you can easily connect either an USB keyboard or a mouse to your smartphone.

Usually, an OTG cable is very inexpensive.

Additionally, you can also purchase an USB hub and connect this hub with the OTG cable and then, connect both the wired mouse and keyboard to the USB hub (don’t forget to connect OTG cable to the smartphone).

By this method, you can simultaneously use both the mouse and keyboard on your mobile device.

And if you have a wireless mouse and keyboard, you can connect their receiver to the OTG cable and use both mouse and keyboard.

All these tricks will skyrocket your productivity and typing speed.

Interesting facts

  • The first person to perform mobile blogging was Steve Mann.
  • On 1995 February 22, he posted text to his server using a wearable mobile computer.
  • In 2002, Adam Greenfield coined the term moblogging.
  • As tourists and travelers find it difficult to carry laptops with them, they use mobile blogging to quickly upload the images and add text descriptions to them.
  • Your smartphone is way too more powerful than the Apollo Guidance Computer used in the first moon landing.

Start now-

Start blogging with your mobile

Not having a PC or laptop should not be an excuse for not blogging.

I hope that this article convinced you enough to start blogging with your smartphone.

Do you blog with your smartphone or computer and what problems are you facing with these devices?

Please let me know in the comment section below.

Please appreciate my work by sharing this article.

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