Are you planning to start a new blog but worried about the competition in your niche?

Then, you should definitely consider starting a micro niche blog.

In this article, I will explain everything about the micro niche blogging and will also guide you to start a good micro niche blog.

The evolution of websites-

Multi niche websites

In the very early days of blogging, bloggers used to create websites covering several unrelated topics (niches).

Such a blog which covers a multitude of topics is called a multi niche website.

In those times, multi niche websites were popular and viable.

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An example of a multi niche blog is a blog covering various topics like technology, fashion, food, finance, etc.

A good example for a multi niche blog is Mashable.

This website covers several topics like entertainment, culture, tech, science, etc.

Niche websites

Eventually, the competition in the blogosphere started to rise and many bloggers realised that ranking a multi niche website is becoming more and more difficult over the time.

So, then came the niche websites.

A blog focused on a single niche (topic or category) is known as a niche blog.

A niche blog produces content related only to its particular niche and may cover several sub niches related to its main niche.

For example, a blog focused on technology or personal finance or any other single niche is a niche blog.

A great example for a niche blog is ShoutMeLoud, this blog covers everything about blogging like WordPress, SEO, make money blogging, etc.

Here, the main niche of ShoutMeLoud is blogging and it also covers several sub niches related to blogging like WordPress, SEO, etc.

Micro niche websites

The blogging landscape has become very competitive

As we all know that the blogging landscape has become very competitive with over two million blog posts getting published daily.

So, now is the right time to start creating micro niche blogs, as these can rank quickly and easily.

A micro niche blog targets only a sub niche of a niche and produces content related to it.

For example, a blog about Android mobiles can be considered as a micro niche blog.

Because Android smartphones is a sub niche of smartphones (which includes Android and Apple devices).

A good example of a micro niche blog is CydiaGuide focusing on jailbroken iOS devices.

How to create a micro niche blog?

First of all, you should list out the niches in which you possess knowledge and/or interests and are profitable.

Then, under those niches there will be tons of micro niches.

You should analyze each of them for competition and search volume and select the one micro niche which has high or decent search volume but less or negligible competition.

There are many keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. for determining the search volume and competition of keywords.

You can also use Google to judge competition.

Just Google- intitle:”topic of your micro niche blog” and see how many results Google displays.

I googled the term blogging for beginners and Google displayed me about 34,600 results which means that there are around 34,600 results on this topic.

A Google search for blogging for beginners

The number of results for your search term should be as low as possible as the number of results is directly proportional to the competition.

Finally, start a blog on that micro niche and start publishing blog posts.

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How to find micro niches?

You can easily find an exhaustive list of micro niches which you can note down and later analyze for competition and profitability.

For example, if you are interested in finding micro niches in the fitness niche, you can use the following methods to find out related micro niches.

Using auto suggestion feature-

The popular search engines, Google and Bing provide the very useful auto suggestion feature.

Just type fitness in Google search bar and Google will suggest the most popular topics related to fitness.

Google auto suggestions for fitness

You can build a micro niche by selecting any one of these suggested topics.

You can also use Bing in a similar manner.

Bing auto suggestions for fitness

Using AnswerThePublic-

You will get only a few suggestions using the above mentioned auto suggest feature.

If you want to get more micro niche ideas related to your niche, you should use AnswerThePublic tool.

Just type fitness and press enter and you will be provided with countless micro niche ideas.

Using Quora-

Additionally, you can also use Quora to find the micro niches related to a niche.

For example, if you are interested in finding the micro niches related to fitness, just log in to Quora and search fitness.

And click on Topic: Weight Loss and Fitness.

Quora search results for fitness

Then, on the right hand side under related topics, you will find many micro niche ideas.

Quora suggesting related topics for fitness

You can also find the popularity of a topic by viewing its number of followers, that is, more the number of followers, the more popular that topic is.

You can use the above mentioned methods to find out micro niches related to any niche.

Earning potential-

The ways to earn money from a micro niche blog is no different from other blogs.

There are many ways to earn from a micro niche blog like advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, etc.

You should choose a micro niche which enables you to target high Cost Per Click (CPC) keywords and have affiliate products which provide high commission rates.

Affiliate programs-

If your micro niche blog is about the products which people usually purchase online, then joining the Amazon Associates Program or any other affiliate program will be a good option.

Ad networks-

But if your blog is about the topics in which people don’t buy much and prefer only to consume information that is read, then you should be using Google AdSense or other advertising networks.

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Generally, you will earn money through the advertising networks only when you get a decent number of page views per month but with affiliate marketing, you can earn even with low traffic.


CydiaGuide is a micro niche blog which earns money through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

There are also many micro niche websites which are monetized through Amazon Associates Program or other affiliate programs or advertising networks or both.

SoundProof Idea is a micro niche website which is monetized through both advertisements and Amazon Associates Program.

Points to remember-


Choose a micro niche which doesn’t lose relevance and be evergreen for a long time.

For example, if you decide to start a micro niche blog on Samsung mobiles, then it’s fine.

But if you build your blog on a specific model of Samsung mobile, then obviously within a few months as Samsung releases a new model, your blog will lose its relevance.


You should select a micro niche by which your blog receives traffic all year long.

Google Trends is the best tool for determining the seasonality and popularity of a topic.

Not every topic is popular all year long, for example people search for chess all through the year but not so much for skiing.


Contrary to the beliefs of some people, a micro niche blog is not a blog with only a handful of blog posts focusing on affiliate products.

Remember that even though a micro niche blog might not have thousands of articles like a niche blog, you should never compromise on the quality of blog posts.

In order to rank on Google, captivate the attention of users, you should focus on delivering as much value as possible.

And remember to publish at least one blog post per week.

Narrowing down-

As already said, you must narrow down a niche to find a suitable micro niche for your blog.

But it is important not to narrow down too much as you might risk not having too many blog post ideas to write on.

After selecting a proper micro niche, you should write blog posts on the selected niche only and should not deviate and write blog posts covering other niches.

Selecting a domain name

This is the most crucial aspect of setting up your micro niche blog.

You should definitely not hurry this process because if you choose a wrong domain name and plan to change it later, you will face some negative consequences like losing some SEO, branding, etc.

You should select a broad domain name not containing your micro niche topic (keyword) in it if in future your plan is to expand your micro niche blog into a niche blog.

But if your plan is to not expand your micro niche blog, then you can prefer a domain name containing your micro niche topic (keyword).

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Benefits of starting a micro niche blog-

Less competition-

Compared to a niche website, a micro niche website faces less competition.

When you choose to start a blog on a micro niche which is not well served or has a lot of low quality results, you can easily rank in the top positions and become an authority in that niche.


As you write only specific articles on your micro niche blog, there will be high chances for your blog posts to rank well in search engines.


A micro niche blog faces less competition

As a micro niche blog faces less competition, its blog posts can rank quickly and gain authority and start earning you money.

As micro niche blogs attract a very specific audience, you can also enjoy a very high conversion rate.

As you know your audience very well on your micro niche blog, you can sell them specific products and services.

Less hard work-

You need not work as hard on your micro niche blog as you will do on an authority blog or a niche blog.

Also, a micro niche blog is more passive compared to other types of blogs.

This allows you to create a portfolio of micro niche blogs.

A misconception-

Yes, by definition micro means extremely small but this should not hold true for your micro niche blog.

With proper research and understanding of your audience, you can unearth many blog post ideas and can write on them.

Google auto suggest and tools like AnswerThePublic,, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. can also provide you with many blog post ideas.

You can also analyze your competition and the keywords which are driving them traffic by using tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. and write blog posts on those topics.

Drawbacks of starting a micro niche blog-

As a micro niche blog attracts only a targeted audience, you will face problems if there are only a very few people interested in your micro niche.

So to avoid this, you should research to determine that there is decent search volume for your micro niche.

A micro niche blog attracts fewer audiences compared to a niche blog.

You could face a shortage of blog post ideas for your micro niche blog.

In the long term, your earnings will get stagnated, that is you cannot increase your earnings exponentially over the years and you will earn less compared to an authority or a niche blog.

To conclude, if you are a newbie blogger starting a micro niche blog will be a good idea.

After building a successful micro niche blog, you will gain enough knowledge and confidence to build either niche or authority blogs.

Even if you are an established blogger, you can start several micro niche blogs to create a portfolio of blogs.

So, are you interested in starting a micro niche blog?

Please tell me through the comments.

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