Kulwant Nagi is the top affiliate marketer of India.

His blog, Blogging Cage in addition to teaching affiliate marketing also teaches blogging.

Kulwant Nagi’s success story of becoming a very successful affiliate marketer and blogger despite lacking resources and facing many setbacks is very inspiring.

If your goal is to achieve success in blogging and affiliate marketing then, this article is for you.

So read on.


Kulwant Nagi was born into a poor family and faced many struggles until he became successful in blogging.

His father, Jarnail Singh used to operate a small welding workshop.

Kulwant Nagi did his schooling in Hindi medium from a government school at Fatehabad, Haryana.

So, he had no privilege to learn good English.

Learning English-

After finishing his schooling, Kulwant Nagi enrolled for a diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) in 2004.

He did his polytechnic diploma from Government Polytechnic, Mandi Adampur, Hisar, Haryana.

In 2006, Kulwant Nagi joined Institute Of Technology And Management, Gurgaon, Haryana to study for a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

At college he regretted his poor English and then, determined to work on it.

Then, for the next 18 months Kulwant Nagi committed to improve his English pronunciation by reading aloud The Hindu newspapers.

Introduced to blogging-

Kulwant Nagi was introduced to blogging

In 2008, one of Kulwant Nagi’s friends visited his house and introduced him to blogging.

He was running a blog on Blogger.

He showed Kulwant Nagi his Google Analytics dashboard and Kulwant was pleased to observe that his blog was attracting visitors from all over the world.

After seeing his Google AdSense account he understood that it is possible to earn with blogging.

All these things inspired Kulwant Nagi to try blogging but as he was busy with preparing for Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), he couldn’t try his hand at blogging.

A Dream to fly-

In 2009, Kulwant Nagi made up his mind to study in the United States.

So, he cleared both the GRE and TOEFL with good scores.

Later, Kulwant Nagi applied for six universities in the U.S. and luckily, all of them accepted him.

Rochester Institute of Technology, New York even provided him a scholarship worth $16000.

Dreams shatter

Kulwant Nagi’s happiness couldn’t last long as his father couldn’t afford the expenses.

Also they couldn’t succeed in getting an education loan from the bank and couldn’t raise money from their family and friends for this purpose.

Finally, in June 2010, Kulwant Nagi gave up his plan of studying in the U.S..

Later, he moved to Gurugram to receive training for a job.

In December 2010, Kulwant Nagi secured the job of a chip verification engineer.

Taxing job-

Kulwant Nagi did not like his job

Within the next six months, Kulwant Nagi grew increasingly frustrated with his job.

As per the job contract, he had to leave the office by 6 p.m. but he was forced to work up until 10-11 p.m. or even worse on some days until 2 a.m..

And for all this hard work Kulwant Nagi was paid a meagre salary of ₹12000 and this wasn’t at all sufficient for him to survive.

Later, he realised that this job in no way can help him to realise his dreams.

Quitting the job-

Finally on 15th June 2011 Kulwant Nagi quit his job.

Even though he didn’t have any plans for his future, he was confident that he could do better than his previous job.

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From 2009 to up until 2011, Kulwant Nagi was working for a Multilevel marketing (MLM) company.

His upline Ankur Aggarwal acquainted him with blogging and requested him to start a blog about MLM to gain leads to the business.

Kulwant Nagi was very impressed with blogging as here he can blog from home and attract leads to his MLM business.

His first blog-

So, for the next few months, Kulwant Nagi was learning about blogging and ways to make money from it.

His first ever blog is Unique Networkers but he didn’t work on it.

On 11th September 2011, Kulwant Nagi started his second blog by the name- Make Money Online | Make Money Blogging | Attraction Marketing | Kulwant Nagi and he later renamed this blog to Kulwant Nagi – (E-Entrepreneur).

This blog was all about tips related to MLM, SEO, social media, WordPress, etc.

During this phase, his friends Ravinder Mehta (he later became his business partner) and Siddharth Rajsekar helped him with blogging.

First dollar-

Kulwant Nagi earned from his blog only after seven months

Kulwant Nagi’s motivation for blogging was to earn money and build authority.

It took him more than seven months to earn his first dollar from blogging.

And this little earning proved the point that it is possible to earn with blogging and inspired him to persist.

Borrowing credit card-

In 2011, Kulwant Nagi neither had money nor credit card to buy web hosting for his first blog.

So, he requested his cousin to lend his credit card and with this he purchased web hosting and started his blogging journey.

Becoming a full-time blogger-

Kulwant Nagi quit MLM to become a full-time blogger on 15 January 2012.

On this same day, he purchased another domain name, bloggingcage.com for Blogging Cage on GoDaddy.

From then on, Blogging Cage became Kulwant Nagi’s primary focus and on this blog he started sharing everything related to blogging.

He struggled a lot in his first eighteen months as a full-time blogger.

As in this period Kulwant Nagi was not earning through his blog, his parents and some of his friends didn’t support him and his endeavours.

2G pains-

Kulwant Nagi struggled with 2G internet connection

Adding to the pain, Kulwant Nagi didn’t have a proper internet connection to blog.

As he was blogging from Fatehabad, a small town in Haryana he didn’t have access to broadband.

For the first year and half, Kulwant Nagi used to connect his mobile’s 2G internet to his laptop and learn about blogging and work on his blog.

And as expected the internet speed was extremely slow.

Improving his writing skills-

At this phase, Kulwant Nagi’s English writing skills weren’t great and many people demotivated him by saying that he couldn’t succeed at blogging.

But he persisted and improved his English writing skills by reading a lot of books, watching videos, listening to podcasts and continually writing many blog posts.


Initially, Kulwant Nagi used to follow many successful bloggers like Jonathan Budd, Michael Dunlop, John Chow, etc. to learn blogging.

Turning point

Initially, Kulwant Nagi monetised his blogs only with AdSense.

By 2013, he was earning around $1200-1500 per month with AdSense.

But unfortunately, Kulwant Nagi’s AdSense account got banned in April 2013.

He was very disturbed by this and then, determined never to use AdSense again.

This incident forced Kulwant Nagi to look for other monetisation methods for his websites.

During this time, he stumbled upon affiliate marketing and decided to learn it.

Kulwant Nagi felt affiliate marketing to be a better monetisation option than AdSense because with affiliate marketing, he had a good control over his blogging business and also he can learn quite a lot about marketing.

So, he invested his next eight months to learn affiliate marketing and by the end of 2014, he was earning around $100 per month with affiliate marketing.

Eventually, Kulwant Nagi started earning way more with affiliate marketing than that he was previously earning with AdSense.


Kulwant Nagi’s principle of affiliate marketing was to research for products which could solve his blogging problems.

Then, he used to become the affiliate for those products and promote them.

Likewise, Kulwant Nagi became an affiliate marketer for keyword research tools, web hosting providers, Amazon products, etc.

Exponential growth-

Kulwant Nagi’s income with blogging and affiliate marketing grew at an exponential level over the years.

In his first two years, he couldn’t earn a significant amount of money.

But in 2015 Kulwant Nagi made around ₹4 lakh and the following year, he earned a whopping ₹80 lakh with blogging.

In an interview with Deepak Kanakaraju, he said that affiliate marketing earned him ₹1.6 crore in between 2019-2020.

In March 2020, Kulwant Nagi earned his highest ever income of ₹23 lakh.


In addition to continually working on Blogging Cage, Kulwant Nagi also started a startup by the name AffloSpark.

AffloSpark is an online marketing agency founded in July 2017.

Kulwant Nagi also developed a WordPress theme and plugin by the name, Affiliate Booster.

Now, he runs different blogs in various niches and has hired staff to help him.

Apart from being a blogger and marketer, Kulwant Nagi wears many hats such as speaker, writer, etc.


Blogging helped Kulwant Nagi to travel the world

As Kulwant Nagi hails from a small town, he never ever dreamt of travelling abroad but blogging and affiliate marketing gave him the required capital and freedom to travel a total of 21 countries.

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From 2016, one of his blogs started making him good money.

These kinds of earnings enabled Kulwant Nagi to realise his dream of travelling the world.

At that time, he used to search for the blogging and affiliate marketing events which were being conducted abroad.

Then, approach those events as a blogger and request free invitations and then travel to those events.

Kulwant Nagi attended many events in countries like the United States, England, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc.

With this strategy he not only gained knowledge about marketing but also got a chance to explore those countries.

Thanks to these events, Kulwant Nagi learnt many useful marketing techniques and this helped him to become a good marketer and earn even more.


The success story of Kulwant Nagi proves the point that having immense will power overpowers lack of resources and support.

And having the mindset to learn and implement can overthrow the lack of knowledge and skills.

So, to conclude to become successful at blogging all you need is will power to persist and mindset to learn and implement.

So, which part of Kulwant Nagi’s life story inspired you the most?

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