Since over a decade, some people have been lamenting that blogging is dead but the real fact is that blogging never died.

And even now, there are many hugely successful bloggers who are earning millions of dollars through their blogs.

Just like everything in the world, blogging advanced and became more mature.

In this article, I will throw light on how blogging is evolving and what practices and strategies in blogging have become old-fashioned.

Also, I will suggest you the right steps to take to help your blog to succeed in both short-term and long-term.

Let us evolve

You can expect your blog to die only if you follow old, irrelevant blogging practices and strategies.

Even though this is a harsh reality, you must be able to comprehend this.

But the silver lining is that if you focus your energy and time on doing the right things, then the scope of blogging is very bright.

By evolving as a blogger, you can make a lot of money, grow your audience and leave your mark on the world through blogging.

If you don’t have a blog and are planning to start one, I encourage you to go ahead.

Even today, you can start a new blog and become successful.

Do people still read and follow blogs?

You might be wondering whether people still read blogs, let me clear all your doubts with the help of real world data.

As of now, there are over a billion websites on the internet.

You will be surprised to know that out of all these websites, there are over 600 million blogs.

Google receives billions of searches per day

On an average, Google receives a whopping of 3.5 billion searches per day and these searches help many people to get the required information through blogs.

What research tells us?

Currently, the world population is approximately 7.8 billion people.

Out of these, approximately 4.57 billion people actively use the internet.

And the majority of the internet users (around 77%) frequently read blog posts.

Which means 3.51 billion people read blog posts frequently.

I hope that this statistic alone is sufficient to prove that blogging is not dead.

When a business has around 3.5 billions customers that business is not massive but gigantic.

Another interesting fact is that Google searches’ growth rate is growing approximately ten percent per year.

This means that every year, there are new readers for the blogs.

Also, 57 percent of the marketers employ blogging to gain customers to their businesses.

And blogging is a top content marketing priority for 53 percent of marketers.

All these numbers showcase the massive power of blogging.

Now, I am going to tell you about some old blogging strategies which you should abandon right now for the sake of your blog.

Don’t just post too many blog posts-

In the earlier days of blogging, it was a practise to post a huge number of blog posts, in order to gain more traffic and revenue.

When you post too often, maintaining the quality of blog posts becomes very difficult.

This method worked when the information was really scarce on the internet.

During that time, low quality blog posts were ranking in the search results because search engines didn’t have too many options (blog posts) to choose from.

But now, as we all know, there are millions of blogs covering almost all the possible topics on the earth.

So, now all the search engines have become quite picky and they display only unique, comprehensive and high-quality blog posts.

Quality is more important than quantity-

Quality is more important than quantity

If your habit is to quickly post a lot of low quality blog posts, then you should slow down a little bit.

Instead of trying to publish ten blog posts with little content or related content it would be much better to publish one comprehensive blog post.

Because the traffic to your blog is not directly proportional to the number of blog posts.

You should after quality blog posts and not after quantity (number) of blog posts.

When you try to post only quality blog posts, your posting frequency will reduce and also, you will need to invest more time and energy in writing blog posts, but it is completely worth it.

So, it’s alright to not publish every single day but when you publish once a week or month, make sure that your blog post is of exceptional quality.

Long form content gives you long-term success-

Long gone are the days of posting short blog posts with a few hundred words and hoping them to rank.

Nowadays, you should write at least a few thousand words to rank well in Google.

Usually, the short articles don’t rank well because they lack the depth required to cover the entirety of a topic.

As many bloggers wouldn’t post long form content, this gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Don’t reiterate-

On an average, five million blog posts get published every single day.

Out of these millions of blog posts, only a fortunate few reach the first page of SERP (search engine results page).

And remaining all the blog posts just get wasted as the majority of the people never read them.

So, your goal should not be to regurgitate the same information that is already available on the internet.

All your blog posts should be original with your own perspective.

The modern internet users are longing for new information to read but only a few bloggers are producing them.

So if you are one of those few, you can bypass the competition and rise to the top of SERPs.

Also, unique content generates more social shares which will help you to gain more backlinks and this will help you to rank well.

Be niche specific-

Be niche specific

Gone are the days when you can create a general blog and target a wide range of audience.

In the old days, it was possible to create a blog which focuses on multiple topics and earn money from readers of different interests.

Now, only large media corporations which are ready to spend heavily on advertisements can afford to run general blogs.

At this moment in time, both readers and search engines prefer only niche specific blogs.

You cannot try to cater the needs of everyone with just a single blog.

If you want to target multiple niches, it would be beneficial to start a new blog for each niche.

Now, as people have more options (blogs) to choose from, they have become very selective.

They want to follow and read only the blogs which cater to their specific needs and interests.

So, you should create a persona for your ideal blog readers and write for them and address their specific problems.

Also, by focusing on only a single niche you can make strong connections with the like-minded people.

And with the help of these strong connections you will be able to easily sell your products and services.

You can become a thought leader by concentrating only on a specific niche.

Generic blogging only works when you are planning to scale up like a publishing company.

Only a big publishing company with many employees can afford to cover many niches in a single blog.

So, to conclude, as an individual blogger, you should niche down.

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Let’s understand with an example-

To understand the importance of a niche for your blog, let’s step into the shoes of readers.

Let’s think that you are a reader of a technology blog.

You are a tech enthusiast and have been following that blog for many years.

But one fine day, you notice that this technology blog started focusing on many niches like fashion, food, etc.

Here, the problem is that you are not at all interested in anything apart from technology.

Now, you have to hunt for the technology articles in that blog from the myriad number of fashion and food articles.

Also, the inbox of your email is filled with the food and fashion articles.

So, over the time you become frustrated and unsubscribe from the email list of that blog.

Also, you stop following that blog.

Become a thought leader in your niche-

Thought leader

There are countless benefits of becoming a thought leader in your category like gaining recognition, getting direct traffic to your website, etc.

By becoming a subject matter expert, you can grow immune to many changes like algorithmic changes of social media and search engines, as you will be getting a lot of direct traffic and press coverage.

Also, when the algorithms recognise you as an expert, they rank your website highly.

Earlier times, you could succeed by starting any random website in which you have no knowledge or interest and hire writers to write content.

But this type of blogging will quickly become obsolete because both humans and Google are giving more value to the real experts.

So, the only solution is to become the expert in your niche.

This will be beneficial for both yourself and your readers.

As a master, your blog and products will become highly successful, you will gain huge following and backlinks and also you will be able to truly help your audience.

And your blog visitors will get real results from your expertise.

When they actually benefit from your blog, they will share it in many places.

The qualities of being truly interested, knowledgeable and life long learner will help you to become the expert in your niche.

Don’t use clickbait headlines-

When you employ clickbait headings, you will set high expectations for your blog readers.

But when you fail to deliver on what you promised through your headline, your blog readers will promptly exit your blog.

When your readers had a bad experience, they will hesitate to click on your blog posts again.

This is the main reason to not use clickbait headlines.

Ideally, your headline should precisely describe the summary of your blog post.

You can write better headlines by learning copywriting.

Shun personal blogging-

personal blogging

Thanks to the popularity of social media, personal blogging is no longer relevant in current times.

This is a bad news for you if you are a personal blogger or planning to become one.

Personal blogging was profitable before the advent of social media.

Many years ago, people would read personal blogs to know about other people’s lives.

And personal bloggers were sharing their life stories with the world through their blogs.

But now, this has moved over to social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Nowadays, people prefer to know about other’s lives through social media rather than blogs.

The main reason for this is consuming this type of content (visual content) is easier on social media compared to that on a blog.

On social media, you can easily post your life updates through photos or short videos but this is difficult with a blog.

But it is very difficult to educate people through small posts on social media.

The main aim of social media is to entertain not educate.

Also, as social media platforms are very distracting, it is not the best place to learn complex things.

So, now the time is ripe to abandon personal blogging and start educational blogging.

In educational blogging, you educate your readers and help to solve their problems.

When people come to Google, they are in the mood of learning.

So, your website should be the best resource in your niche in order to attract the maximum number of learners (readers).

If you are a personal blogger, it would be very beneficial to add some form of education in your content.

To conclude, use your blog to educate people and social media to entertain people.

Embrace multimedia and diversify

You should use various multimedia like images, videos, podcasts, etc. in your blog posts.

This will increase the engagement of readers on your website.

For example, I have used many beautiful custom designed images in this blog post to hold your attention onto this blog post.

Images not only help your blog post to look beautiful but also entertain the readers.

Your readers will get tired if they only see a wall of text without any images, so you should use images in your blog posts.

Also, you should diversify a little bit by using social media.

As already said, you should not use your social media to post all of your blog’s content.

Instead you should use social media to connect with your readers and update them of any new blog posts and share your blog posts there.

Also, by using social media you can attract potential readers to your blog.

Personally, I am active on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I use both these social media to connect with fellow bloggers, readers and also post any new updates.

If you run a food or photography blog, then you can drive a huge number of visitors to your blog by various social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest.

Diversification gives you more options to connect with people.

It’s the right time to learn new skills-

learn new skills

Many years ago, as there wasn’t much competition, it was possible to rank on search engines without knowing keyword research and SEO.

But now, the times have changed and the blogosphere has become more competitive.

Now, it’s imperative to learn about keyword research and SEO.

Keyword research helps you to better understand your audience and their pain points.

By doing this, you will learn what phrases your audience are typing into search engines and you can specifically create content around them.

Also, in this process, you will unearth many long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are the saviours of blogs as they drive the majority of the traffic to blogs.

Most of the people rely on blogs to find answers to their lengthy questions.

And SEO plays a major role in helping you to rank well in search results.

Target featured snippets and voice searches-

If your goal is to gain search traffic from search engines then, you should not ignore featured snippets and voice searches.

The main types of featured snippets which appear on Google are-

  • Paragraph snippets (the most common one).
  • YouTube Snippets (displays Youtube videos in SERP).
  • List snippets (shows you a list of numbered or bulleted points).
  • Table snippets (displays tables).

Usually, these snippets appear on the top of the search results page, so they get many clicks.

So, you need to optimise your content to appear in these snippets.

Also, according to the statistics, voice searches are on the rise.

So, you need to optimise your content for them by adding questions and answers to your blog posts, etc.

Adopt a conversational writing style and interact with your readers-

Conversational writing style

People will be more likely to read your entire blog post when you use a conversational writing style.

Also, your way of writing should be able to strike a personal connection with your readers, for this you should include the words like you and I.

Your blog should not be a one way communication channel but a two way one.

For this, you should encourage people to comment on your blog posts.

You could ask for their opinion, feedback, questions, etc.

When you get comments on your blog posts, you should take the time out to respond to them.

By doing this, you will gain more audience to your blog overtime.

Eventually, you will create a community around your blog.

And this community will have a lot of loyal readers who will help your blog to survive the test of time.

Can videos completely overtake blog posts?

You might have observed that in recent years the video consumption is heavily surging.

So, you might worry that in future, videos might completely overtake blog posts and people will only watch videos and stop reading blogs.

If you are a blogger, you need not worry about this as this situation will never come.

The main reason for this is that the quality of blog posts on the first page of Google SERP is a lot higher than that of videos on YouTube.

Google employs nearly 200 ranking factors to rank a blog post on SERP but YouTube doesn’t have that many evaluating factors to determine the quality of videos.

YouTube has a lot fewer ranking factors than Google.

So, it’s normal to expect that the top blog posts will have higher quality than the top YouTube videos.

Also, Google displays more accurate results for a search query than YouTube.

So, to conclude Google is a very advanced search engine which is very good at recognising and displaying accurate information for a search query than YouTube.

This is the main reason why Google continues as the world’s biggest search engine since 2004.

So, to find quality content, people will definitely use Google and blog posts.

To conclude, videos can never completely replace blog posts but can complement them.

These are the main reasons for why blogging will never die.

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Blogging is very much alive

So, the conclusion is blogging is very much alive and will stay relevant for many decades to come.

And to survive as a blogger your top most priority should be to produce high quality content that satisfies the intent of your readers.

Are you a blogger and what are your thoughts about the future of blogging?

Please share them in the comment section below, I am curious to know.

Please appreciate my work by sharing this article.

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