Do negative blog comments pull you down and mentally stress you?

Do you feel like not working on your blog after receiving a few negative comments?

Then, this article will help you to better deal with those toxic blog comments and not lose your enthusiasm for blogging.

So read on.

Don’t retaliate-

You put a lot of effort and time in writing blog posts.

And when you receive undue comments on them, you will naturally have the urge to retaliate.

But you should never fight back because you will do yourself more harm than good.

When your readers see you retaliating, they might not form good opinions about you and might assume that you can’t tolerate contrary opinions.

Also, you will be losing your cool and this is what most of the negative commentators want out of you.

Be polite while replying to the negative comments

So, always politely reply to those negative comments with the right information because you might convert those haters into your fans with your kindness.

Make sure not to reply with all capitals and if those negative commentators make any valuable suggestions, acknowledge them.

When you are kind to your haters, your other blog readers will also support you.

Also, you should not immediately reply back to those bitter comments.

Take a short break to calm down and then, reply.

Always reply to the comments that you receive on your blog, this shows that you are serious with your business.

Sometimes, your disappointed customers might post negative comments, in such cases you should carefully handle them and inquire for the reasons behind their anguish otherwise you might risk losing them.

Don’t be a people pleaser-

As a blogger, you often have to take stands on various aspects.

And when you take stands, you cannot always please everyone.

So, always remember that you will not be liked by everyone on every occasion and as a result, you might attract a few negative comments on your blog posts too.

So, from the first day of starting your blog, be prepared for negative comments and by doing this, you can easily handle them.

Stay clear of controversies-

Some blog niches like politics, religion, animal rights, etc. are inherently more controversial than others.

If possible, you should not start a blog in these niches.

Even if you start a blog in these niches, strictly moderate the comments.

As these kinds of blogs potentially attract more negative comments, make sure to automatically turn off blog comments after a few days.

If you are using WordPress as your content management system (CMS), you can do this by heading over to settings, Discussion.

And in Discussion Settings, under Other comment settings, you will be presented with an option to automatically close comments on posts older than the mentioned number of days.

Discussion Settings of WordPress
Discussion Settings of WordPress

If you feel like moderating comments on your blog drains most of your time and energy, you can turn off blog comments altogether.

But in all other cases, you shouldn’t turn off blog comments because through them you will receive feedback, connect with your readers and build a community.

Also, valuable blog comments add a lot of value to your blog posts.

For example, they might add different perspectives to your blog posts, initiate discussions, etc.

As a note, you should also moderate comments on your blogs which are on less controversial niches.

A side effect of growth-

As your blog grows and you become more popular, you will attract more and more readers to your blog.

And few of them will be negative and will leave negative comments on your blog posts.

So, instead of fretting over negative comments, appreciate yourself that your blog is growing big.

Understand the ulterior motives-

Some people might negatively comment on your blog for no apparent reasons but to gain your readers’ attention and drive traffic to their blogs.

Or they might want to belittle your products and services and in turn promote their products and services.

You should be smart to sniff these kinds of motives.

Become more resilient-

Become more resilient

Thanks to the internet, your blog will receive visitors from all over the world.

And not all of your readers will agree with you or your viewpoints.

Some of them will be very vocal with their disagreements.

No matter how good you are, you will garner some haters along your blogging journey.

So, as a blogger you should develop a thick skin and be willing to accept criticisms.

Use criticisms to improve yourself-

Some comments may at first seem negative but offer great feedback and might help you to improve your blog.

In this case, just accept those comments even if they are a little bit negative and improve yourself.

But not all negative comments offer useful criticism, they might just be mean and call you names and in extreme cases, they might even attack your readers.

People resort to name calling when they are not in the right state of mind, envious of you or your work, etc.

Allowing these kinds of comments on your blog posts disturbs both your and your readers’ mood.

They also hurt your blog’s reputation and will instigate other negative people to leave similar kinds of comments.

So, you must not reply to these kinds of comments and delete them without a second thought.

You should also delete irrelevant and spam comments and the ones which spread misinformation.

Interact and voice your opinion

You are more than your blog.

Many people who interact with you online see only a small part of your personality.

Most of them don’t know you personally and so, they can’t understand you completely.

And this lack of understanding, can sometimes motivate them to spur out negative comments.

Also, as blogging is an online business, it is very easy for the people to be keyboard warriors and quickly spread negative things about you.

So, if possible interacting more with those negative commentators can help them to change their mind about you.

You must firmly voice your opinion and explain why you are right.

Focus more on positives-

Focus more on positive comments

Yes, occasionally you might receive a few negative comments which might bug you.

If you are doing a great job, you will be receiving a lot of positive comments, so instead of focusing on a few negative comments focus more on the positive comments.

So, whenever you feel disheartened by a negative comment, just read the positive comments that you received on your blog, you will definitely feel better.

And don’t take those negative comments personally, if you are confident that you are doing your best, keep on working, you will definitely succeed.

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Take complete ownership-

You are the complete owner of your blog, you purchased your blog’s domain name and hosting and have worked hard to set it up.

You spent many hours learning blogging and writing articles.

At last, you are the owner of your blog and are free to completely control it.

As the blog is yours, you will also be held responsible for the negative comments which reside on your blog.

So, if a comment is too toxic, don’t hesitate too much and just delete it.

Create a comment policy-

It also helps to create a comment policy for your blog explaining the types of comments that will be allowed.

This will discourage people from leaving negative comments on your blog posts.

In addition to responding to negative blog comments, it also helps to respond to negative comments on social media because they might damage the brand image of your blog.


To conclude, you should approve and learn from constructive comments even if they are a little negative.

And if the negative comments don’t add any value to your blog and/or are spammy, just delete them.

And don’t overthink about the unnecessary negative things.

I hope that this article helped you to better deal with negative comments.

Do you receive negative comments on your blog?

How are you planning to deal with them?

Please share with me through comments.

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