Are you trying to find the total number of blog posts of a website?

In this article I have mentioned various ways by which you can easily count the number of posts on a website within a couple of minutes.

So read on.

Look at sitemap-

Many websites contain a sitemap file which contains the total number of posts.

You can easily look at the sitemap of any website by visiting its homepage and adding either /sitemap.xml or /sitemap_index.xml or /sitemap1.xml at the end of the homepage URL.

Then, you will be presented with the sitemap and here, you need to open the post-sitemap to view the number of blog post URLs.

Remember the number of URLs is equal to the number of blog posts.

As an example let’s find the sitemap of ShoutMeLoud, a popular digital marketing blog.

Visit the homepage of ShoutMeLoud, i.e.

Add /sitemap.xml at the end of its homepage URL and you will be redirected to and here, you will find the sitemap of ShoutMeLoud.

Look out for the URLs containing the word- post and click on them. Here, you will find that the first two URLs contain the word post.

sitemap of ShoutMeLoud
Sitemap of ShoutMeLoud

After following these links, you will be presented with the total number of URLs (blog posts).

number of URLs
Number of URLs

A few websites provide a link to their sitemap in the footer section.

But not all websites have sitemap files, so follow the below mentioned methods.

View pagination-

Displaying all blog posts on a single page of a blog looks clumsy.

So, many blogs use pagination to display a fixed number of posts per page.

To know the total number of posts of a blog, you can simply count how many posts that blog is showing per page and then, see how many pages that blog has.

Then, multiply both these numbers to find the total number of blog posts.

For example, the ShoutMeLoud blog displays nine blog posts per page.

And there are a total of 181 pages.

A page of ShoutMeLoud
A page of ShoutMeLoud

So, the total number of blog posts would be = 9*181= 1629.

Some blogs might contain a lesser number of blog posts on their very first and/or very last pages, so you have to visit them and manually count the number of blog posts on these pages.

Use Google search operator-

If a blog doesn’t contain sitemap and pagination, you can use a Google search operator to find its total number of indexed blog posts.

For example, Digital Inspiration, a popular technology blog doesn’t contain a sitemap and pagination but we can still find its number of posts using a Google search operator.

Use this Google search operator to find the total number of posts of a website- site:domain name

For example, I found the total number of posts of Digital Inspiration by typing in Google-

Number of blog posts of Digital Inspiration
Number of blog posts of Digital Inspiration

Here, the number of results is approximately equal to the number of blog posts.

Advantages of knowing total number of posts-

Listing out successful blogs in your niche and determining how many blog posts they have published can give you a rough idea of how many posts you need to publish to become successful.

Also, this gives you an idea of the blog publishing frequency of those successful blogs.

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So, which method did you follow to determine the number of blog posts?

Please tell me in the comment section below.

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What a trick, I used mostly second one, But I like sitemap url calculation.

    Naveen Reddy · July 2, 2021 at 8:27 AM

    I’m very glad that you found this blog post helpful.

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