Are you planning to publish spinned articles on your blog and are wondering how they will perform?

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Here, I will tell everything about article spinning and whether or not you should spin articles.

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What is article spinning?

Article spinning is the process of spinning (rewriting) already existing articles to generate somewhat new articles.

Some bloggers use article spinning tools (software) to rewrite others’ articles.

And they publish these rewritten articles as their own.

Some bloggers follow this method if they don’t have the required time and/or skills or are lazy to write original blog posts.

Article spinning is also known as content spinning or text rewriting or paraphrasing.

How do article spinners work?

Working mechanism of article spinners

When you provide the article spinner with an article they generally replace some words with their respective synonyms and they also change some phrases, prepositions and sentences.

Even though the article spinners use synonyms, in the majority of the cases, those synonyms won’t perfectly fit into the sentences and as a result the meaning of the sentences will change abruptly.

As a consequence, the entire context of the article will get undesirably changed.

In a nutshell, the article spinners just regurgitate an already existing article but can never write an original article.

The short answer-

If you want to become a successful blogger, you should never spin others’ articles.

These kinds of articles have a very hard time ranking in the search engines, especially Google.

Generally, the majority of the bloggers depend on Search engine optimization (SEO) for their blogs’ traffic.

But as it is very difficult (almost impossible) for spun articles to rank well on search engine results pages (SERP), you will not get any traffic to your blog.

Read the following sections to understand the full damage that article spinning makes to your blog and blogging career.


Complications of using article spinners

Many bloggers use very simplified language to get their point across.

But when you take these blog posts and spin it with any article spinning tools, they will replace the simple words with complex words (jargon) for the sake of making the spun article look unique.

Also these spinners commit many grammatical mistakes and can’t understand the context of the sentences.

Some plagiarism checkers might not detect plagiarism in the spun articles as you are not copying others’ work word for word.

But there is no benefit for this type of article because-

  • It is overly complicated and out of context.
  • The users dislike reading and sharing spun articles.
  • They won’t engage with your blog post and will bounce off your site.

As a result, your blog post will have a very slim chance of ranking in the SERPs.

Even if by any chance they get ranked on SERPs, they quickly lose their rankings because the readers generally don’t engage with a spun article.

Also, Google algorithms are updating on a daily basis and becoming smarter day by day and so it can easily detect spun articles.

Make right use of your time-

Instead of trying to spin others’ articles in hopes of publishing many articles in a short period of time it will be much better if you do your own research and write genuine blog posts.

Yes, researching and writing original blog posts take longer but these are the ones that rank in the search engines and get you the readers and results.

Apart from learning to write original high quality blog posts, you should also learn SEO to rank your articles highly in the search engines.

Need more work-

As the content produced by the content spinners will be of mediocre quality, you need to put more work in editing and rewriting them.

So, why struggle with editing gibberish when you have the resources to learn and write good articles from scratch?


Researching and writing an original blog post takes several days, in some cases several weeks of hard work.

So, if you are spinning others’ blog posts, it means that you are indirectly stealing their work.

It is highly unethical to do so and you might also face copyright infringements.

Be empathetic and think how would you feel if someone spins your article and publishes it as their own.

You certainly wouldn’t like it, right?

You might get penalized-

Article spinning is a black hat SEO technique

Article spinning is a black hat SEO technique and spinned articles just add up to the web spam.

Google hates this kind of scraped content and might penalize your blog.

Also, your blog might get de-indexed from Google.

Google released Google Panda update way back in February 2011 with the motto of taking down spun content.

So, it makes no sense to do content spinning now.

Choose a proper niche-

When you choose a niche which you don’t like and/or in which you aren’t knowledgeable, you will be looking for article spinning tricks.

So, it is paramount to choose the right kind of niche, one in which you have either passion or knowledge or if better both.

If you have chosen a wrong niche, it is better to change the niche of your blog or to develop interest and knowledge in the niche of your blog.


For long term success, you have to do the right things.

Instead of spinning others’ articles, learn to research and write better.

The results will be worth it.

What are your thoughts about article spinning?

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Naveen Reddy

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