Do you want to know how many blog posts should you launch your blog with?

Then, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will explain to you two popular approaches that many bloggers use to launch their blogs.

You can launch your blog with just a single blog post or launch after you have written around three-five blog posts.

Both these methods have their own share of advantages and disadvantages which I am going to discuss in the following sections.

Also, there is a third approach of launching your blog with too many blog posts like forty to fifty blog posts but this approach is not very beneficial which I will also discuss in the following paragraphs.

Launch your blog with a single blog post-

After you have finalized the niche of your new blog, just write a blog post and use it to launch your new blog.

As you will start a blog in the niche in which you have good knowledge of, you will not face any dearth of new blog post ideas.

You might fear that by having only a single blog post your blog visitors might not have enough articles to read.

But this fear is completely baseless because not many people will be able to find your blog and also search engines take several months to rank the blog posts of your new blog.

And by the time your blog ranks well in search engines and starts to receive traffic from it, you would have written many blog posts.

Make sure that your first blog post is very helpful

Make sure that your first blog post is very helpful to your blog visitors and is very much related to the niche of your blog and is not just a welcome post.

If you want to add a welcome message to your new blog, just add a few welcome sentences in your first blog post.

It helps to have a couple of blog posts in drafts so that you can publish them on regular intervals because initially, you need to spend time in setting up your blog, learning the blogging process, creating social media profiles for your blog, etc.

It is better to share your blog on social media after you have published around 4-5 blog posts.


You will get started-

This is the major benefit of this method.

Many people think of starting a blog but due to procrastination and overthinking, they delay launching their blog forever.

But in contrast, when you immediately launch your blog, you will be motivated to work and succeed.

If you are a perfectionist with the habit of taking too long to complete a task, then you should immediately launch your blog as soon as you finish writing a blog post.

Because if you don’t, you might never launch your blog.

If you are new to blogging, your first blog post might not be perfect but this must not discourage you because in blogging it is very easy to edit and update a blog post.

So, even if your blog posts are not flawless, you can always revisit and edit them.

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You will succeed faster-

When you have only a single blog post on your blog, you will fear that your blog visitors might think of your blog as kind of empty.

And this pushes you to work harder and quickly write and publish blog posts.

In a few months, you will have many blog posts live on your blog and this will help you to succeed.

Great comments and feedback

Also, in the meanwhile you will receive great comments and feedback from your readers which will inspire you to blog even more and improve your blogging.


There are not many disadvantages to this technique of launching your blog with just a single blog post.

But when you share your blog which has only a single blog post with your friends and family members and if that post is not up to the mark, they will not be incentivised to revisit your blog.

Launch your blog with a few blog posts

The second method is to launch your blog with three to five blog posts.

Here, your first blog post can be a welcome post where you welcome your readers and explain to them what to expect out of your blog.

And the remaining blog posts should be very informative, useful and be extremely related to the niche of your blog.

In this technique, you should write at least eight to ten blog posts and out of them only publish around three to five blog posts at the time of launching your blog.

This is because at the time of launching your blog, you will not have time to write blog posts as most of your time will be consumed for setting up your blog, understanding your content management system (CMS) and process of blogging, etc.

So, when you have a few blog posts already written in draft, you can publish them at regular intervals without missing your blogging frequency.



When you have some blog posts already published on your blog, you can market your blog from day one.

Good engagement-

People will click through and read your different blog posts

People will click through and read your different blog posts and they will be more likely to subscribe and follow your blog.

Can include many categories-

If you plan to include several categories in your blog, you can write a blog post for each category and this will attract a variety of audience.


You might not launch your blog altogether-

This is the main disadvantage of writing many blog posts before launching your blog.

You might get overwhelmed by the work needed to write blog posts and might think that it’s not worth launching a blog.

Also, as this process takes long, you might doubt yourself, criticize your own work and not launch your blog.

So, you should choose this method only when you have great willpower and are hard working enough to do the required work.

Launch your blog with too many blog posts-

Don't launch your blog with many blog posts

I won’t recommend you to launch your blog with too many blog posts like 40-50 blog posts.

The reason for this is that in order to rank in Google it takes several months and if you keep on writing these many articles without publishing them, you will be delaying your blog’s success by several months.

It takes a great deal of time and energy to write a huge number of blog posts and by the time you finish writing all of them, some of them might get outdated.

Also, when you keep on writing and don’t publish these blog posts, you will miss the valuable feedback from your readers which will help you to improve and write blog posts more intune according to their needs.

Even if you launch with 50 blog posts, not many of your blog visitors will be willing to read all your blog posts.

You should never attempt this method if you are a new blogger because you might get demotivated by the work and time required.

Also, as a new blogger, it will be very difficult for you to write a great amount of blog posts.


You should launch your blog with a single blog post but if you think that it’s inadequate then, you should launch your blog with three to five blog posts.

And then, keep on adding blog posts consistently like one blog post per week.

So, with how many blog posts are you planning to launch your blog?

Please tell me through comments.

And if you can’t decide, just don’t overthink and launch your blog and get going.

The success of your blog doesn’t depend much on its launch

The success of your blog doesn’t depend much on its launch but what you do after its launch like publishing engaging and helpful blog posts consistently.

I hope that this article helped you to successfully launch your blog.

Please appreciate my work by sharing this article.

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