Are you searching for a good name for your blog?

In this article I will explain to you all the points that you need to remember while coming up with a blog name and will also help you to select the perfect blog name.

So read on.

Preceding task-

You should finalise a niche for your blog before thinking of a name for your blog.

Once you have settled on your blog niche, it becomes easy to come up with a blog name as now you can experiment with many keywords related to your niche for your blog name.

Please don’t attempt to think of blog names before deciding your blog niche.

Blog name and domain name-

After finalising a blog name, you have to purchase a domain name.

You should make sure that both your blog name and domain name are the same.

For example, my blog name is Neat Blogging and the domain name is

It is possible to have a different domain name than your blog name but some of your blog visitors might get confused with it.

People usually expect the blog name to be the domain name.

Be meticulous-

Be meticulous while choosing blog name and domain

If you have mistakenly chosen a wrong name for your blog, you can quickly and easily change it.

But changing the domain name for your blog is a little bit technical and complicated.

Because during this process you need to invest in purchasing a new domain name and in some cases, you might lose traffic to your blog.

So, it is best not to hurry the process of naming your blog and purchasing your domain name.

Don’t pigeonhole

Your blog name shouldn’t confine you to a particular niche forever.

If you have included the niche of your blog in your blog name in a very specific manner, you cannot expand beyond that particular niche.

For example, consider you started a coding blog for beginners and named your blog as- Coding for Beginners.

Here the general niche of your blog is coding and specific niche is coding for beginners.

Suppose within a year you have covered all the beginner coding stuff on your blog and so are planning to next cover the topics for intermediates.

But as you have named your blog after Coding for Beginners, you cannot write about coding for intermediates.

Because intermediate coding stuff on a blog named Coding for Beginners will look weird.

So, it is better to include the general niche of your blog in your blog name but not the specific niche.

Some good blog names for the coding blog mentioned in the above example would be Learn Coding, Coding Geeks, etc.

See these blog names contain the general niche of coding but not the specific niche of coding for beginners in their names.

Short names are the best

An ideal blog name should be-

  • Easy to remember.
  • Easy to type.
  • Easy to communicate verbally.
  • Be catchy.

As your blog gains popularity over time, it will surely attract repeated visitors to it.

These recurrent blog visitors will type your blog name or your blog’s domain name in the search bar of their browsers to visit your blog.

So, your blog name should be short so that your blog readers can easily remember it and type it.

Also, your blog name shouldn’t contain more than two words.

Your blog name should contain words which are easily pronounceable, so that your blog readers can easily do the word-of-mouth marketing for your blog.

Abbreviations are awesome-

Abbreviations shorten your blog name

Using abbreviations can shorten your blog name.

For example, if you are planning to start a blog on personal computers, you can name your blog something like PC Perfect rather than Personal Computer Perfect.

Use only common words-

Your blog name shouldn’t contain words which people use very sparingly.

For example, if you name your food blog as Indefatigable Foodie, people will have a hard time remembering your blog name.

So, use only common words which people frequently use in their day to day lives.

Don’t misspell-

You might be tempted to name your blog by misspelling words but it’s a bad idea because remembering misspellings and pronouncing it is very hard.

Also, search engines will suggest correct spellings of the misspelled words, so when people try to visit your blog by typing your blog’s name, they might be accidentally led to others’ blogs.

Choose a descriptive name-

Your blog name should be so descriptive that people should be able to guess the niche of your blog after just seeing your blog name.

So, the name of your blog should definitely contain a keyword related to your niche.

For example, my blog is related to blogging and so, I named it Neat Blogging.

Having a descriptive name definitely helps in the search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog.

People are more likely to click on your blog posts in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) if your blog name reflects the niche of your blog.

Inspire positivity-

Your blog name should have a positive vibe

You cannot name your blog after a single word because most of the single word domains are already taken and are very expensive.

So, it is best to name your blog with two words but make sure that they don’t exceed 15 characters.

Out of these two words, one word should be a keyword related to the niche of your blog and the second word should be a positive word.

The two words shouldn’t be the keywords of your niche because this appears spammy or like you have stuffed the keywords in your blog name for SEO benefits.

So, use a positive word in your blog name to make yourself and your readers feel positive about your blog.


  • Digital Inspiration is a famous technology blog. It contains the words digital (a keyword related to the technology niche) and inspiration (a positive word).
  • Neat Blogging is related to blogging. Here, I used a positive word, neat and a keyword related to my niche, blogging.

You can Google to search all the positive words or else to get a more exhaustive list of positive words you can search positive words starting with each alphabet like positive words starting with a, positive words starting with b and so on.

Don’t use negative words-

People don’t like negativity, so you shouldn’t use negative words to name your blog.

Also, don’t use contradictory words or words which don’t fit well with the niche of your blog.

For example, if you are planning to start a blog on programming, you shouldn’t name your blog as Buggy Programmer.

Because the word buggy in programming refers to bugs and people don’t like bugs.

Use synonyms-

If you have come up with a blog name only to find that someone else has already started a blog with the same name, then no need to worry, thanks to the synonyms.

I wanted to name this blog as Smart Blogger but upon researching I found that another blog has been using this name since 2012.

So, I Googled for the synonyms of smart and found the word- Neat.

Synonyms of smart
Synonyms of smart

Then, I named my blog as Neat Blogging.

Pretty smart, right?

So, if you are feeling that all the good blog names are already taken, synonyms can come to your rescue.

Merge and test your blog name-

Many people will visit your blog by typing the domain name of your blog.

So, you should prefer a blog name which doesn’t seem weird when they are merged.

This is important because there will be no spacing between the words in your domain name.

For example, my blog name is Neat Blogging and its domain name is

Here, even when the words neat and blogging are merged together in the domain name, they don’t look weird.

But for example, if my blog name was Bibb Blog, then my domain name would be

Here, as the alphabet ‘b’ repeats three times after ‘i’ ( people will have difficulty typing this domain name.

People will land on a different blog when they incorrectly type the domain name.

Use only words-

Your blog name should contain only words but not special characters, numerical, underscores, hyphens, etc.

Verbal communication of blog names which contain these things is difficult.

For example, if your blog name is Good 4 Everyone.

You will have to explicitly say each time that 4 is not a word but a numerical and this will make your life difficult.

Choose a universal name-

You shouldn’t name your blog with slang words because the same slang words are not used all over the world.

Also, using slang in your blog name isn’t very professional.

Avoid textese-

Your blog name shouldn’t contain textese such as ur (for you are) or WACI (for What A Cool Idea) because not all people are familiar with them.

Invent a name-

If you are finding it difficult to come up with a relevant blog name, you can invent a name for your blog.

It is not compulsory for this made-up name to have a meaning but make sure that it is brandable.

For example, the words Accenture and Sony are completely made-up words but this couldn’t stop the companies behind them from becoming successful.

Write or type-

You should come with many (around 20-30) blog names for your blog because most of the blog names will already be taken.

The best way to come up with these many blog names is to write the names that come to your mind on a paper or a note-taking app.

Just combine different words that you like and belong to the niche that you like to start a blog in.

In this process, you shouldn’t worry whether these names have already been taken or not because it is difficult to think clearly while in worry.

You should research the availability of blog names only after writing down all the names that came to your mind.

If you are feeling too tense to think of good names, just take a break or do your favourite activity as during this time your subconscious mind might suggest you with some awesome blog names.

Be unique-

Choose an unique blog name

You shouldn’t use the blog names which are already being used by other blogs.

Having the same name as other blogs will confuse your blog visitors and they might mistake others’ blogs as yours.

Also, those blogs might rank above you in the SERP.

Or worse you might commit trademark infringements.

So, after finalising a blog name, type that name in double quotes in Google and confirm that no other blog is present with that name.

Can you use your name as your blog name?

If you are starting a personal blog, there will be no issue with naming your blog after you.

But if you are starting any other blog, you shouldn’t name your blog after you.

The main reasons for this are if you are planning to sell your blog many people will not be willing to buy your blog or your name will not be descriptive to explain the niche of your blog.

Take inspiration from other blogs-

You can also look at the blog names of some successful blogs in your niche to get inspiration.

inurl:*keyword of your is a Google search operator to find the domain names that contain the keyword of your niche.

For example, if you want to start a blog on pets, you can search in Google by inurl:* to find all the domains containing the keyword pet and from here you can get inspiration for your blog name.

You can also read blog posts and books related to your niche to get ideas for your blog name.

Use alliteration-

You can use alliteration to discover some catchy blog name ideas.

Alliteration is when you use the same letters at the beginning of nearby words.

For example, if you are planning to start a travel blog, you can name your blog as Tidy Traveller.

In Tidy Traveller, both words start with the letter ‘t’ and this is known as alliteration.

Use domain name generators-

If you are unable to come up with a blog name on your own, you can use domain name generator websites for blog name ideas.

These websites will suggest available domain names and you can use these suggestions to name your blog.

Lean Domain Search is a good domain name generator.

All you have to do here is to type your niche or words similar to your niche and press enter.

You should only use domain name generators as your last resort because most of the time the domain name generator websites suggest names which don’t make any sense.

For example, when I searched for a good blog name for a food blog on LeanDomainSearch, it suggested many irrational names as you can see in the image below.

Suggestions of LeanDomainSearch for a food blog
Suggestions of LeanDomainSearch for a food blog

LeanDomainSearch suggested names like RegisterFood, CraneFood, TsunamiFood, etc. but the words register, crane, tsunami aren’t at all related to food.

Don’t stress out-

You shouldn’t get disheartened if you have come up with a blog name which isn’t very alluring.

You should feel happy for coming up with a relevant blog name for which a domain name is available.

The success of a blog depends more on the content that it produces rather than its name.

Don’t spend more than a couple of days coming up with a blog name.

And don’t make this process an excuse for not starting your dream blog.

Finally, after coming up with a blog name, you should purchase a domain name for it.

I hope that this blog post helped you to choose the perfect name for your blog.

Which point helped you the most in this article and how?

Please share with me in the comment section below.

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