Chandan Prasad Sahoo is one of the most famous and successful bloggers of India.

One of his blogs, is very popular and receives more than a million monthly visitors.

If you are aspiring to become a successful blogger and digital marketer, you should definitely read his blogging journey.

Additionally, I have also included many key takeaways which will greatly help you to become successful.

In recent years, Chandan has been in the limelight for his success but this was not always the case.

The first three years of his blogging journey were the toughest phase of his life but even then he persisted.

This never give up attitude is what made Chandan so successful and inspirational.

So read on to get inspired.


Chandan is a graduate in Computer science.

In 2011, he came across blogging when he received his first laptop.

Chandan’s first impressions with blogging were very positive as he read that Amit Agarwal, a professional blogger was earning very handsomely.

At that time, he learnt that he was earning a whopping 30 lakh Indian rupees per month.

Getting inspired-

Amit Agarwal inspired Chandan

This inspired Chandan to try his hand at blogging because he too had a technical background much like Amit Agarwal.

Also, he was passionate about becoming a solopreneur and it took him no time to realise that blogging can make him a solopreneur.

But the problem was that nobody around Chandan knew anything about blogging.

Even at his college, no one knew blogging and to add insult to injury there weren’t many decent resources on the internet about blogging.

So, all these things forced Chandan to learn blogging on his own.

Later, he also came across Harsh Agrawal, one of the most successful bloggers in India and also got inspired by him.

First blog

While surfing the internet, Chandan came across a blog and was inspired by it and so wanted to start something similar.

So, in November 2011, he purchased his first domain name,

This domain name was similar to the blog which Chandan previously came across.

He purchased this domain for 99 rupees from BigRock and started his blog on Blogger (later migrated it to WordPress in 2013).

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Copying content-

Chandan had very little knowledge of blogging

During that time, Chandan didn’t have enough knowledge about blogging and the only thing he knew about blogging was that blogging involves writing.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have decent writing skills to write original articles.

So, Chandan used to visit different blogs and observe them and then copy some of their work.

Then, he used to add his image and publish these blog posts as his own.

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As there was little competition in the blogosphere, Chandan used to get good traffic to his blog.


During those times, getting approved into the Google AdSense program was not easy.

As Chandan’s content was not unique, he didn’t get AdSense approval.

Even after working on his blog for a year and half, he couldn’t succeed at getting AdSense approval.

During this time, Chandan realised that all of this was due to his unoriginal content.

So, he started working on improving his content.

Chandan modified his content and as expected got Chandan approval.

Key takeaway- To succeed in blogging, you need to know to write original and high quality content.

Getting banned-

This happiness was short-lived as just after a day Chandan got banned from Google AdSense.

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The main reason for this was that he didn’t know about AdSense rules and so, he encouraged his friends to click on his ads in hopes of earning money quickly.

Chandan’s friends did as he said and he earned $20 by this but his AdSense account got banned.

His AdSense account wasn’t reinstated because his content wasn’t of good quality and thanks to his poor writing skills, he couldn’t write original content required for AdSense.

After around four months, Chandan came across a person selling an AdSense account.

And he purchased this by paying him a sum of 2000 rupees.

This AdSense account also got banned a day after.

Key takeaway- If you are planning to get AdSense approval, you need to go through their rules before applying for AdSense.

And even after getting approved, you need to adhere to AdSense’s rules.

Finding mentor-

Chandan met Imran Uddin

From 2011 to 2013, Chandan couldn’t have any success with blogging even after experimenting with many aspects of blogging.

And in these three years, he couldn’t earn anything with his blog.

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Luckily, in July 2013, he came across Imran Uddin.

Imran Uddin was one of the top Indian bloggers of that time and was offering a blogging course.

But due to some reasons, he decided to stop offering the course but Chandan requested him to offer this course for him.

And Chandan was the last student of the course.

This way, he joined the course by paying around 15,000 rupees.

As a part of the course, Imran Uddin coached Chandan for a week or two on Google Hangouts.

Here, he learnt about the important aspects of blogging like Search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, etc.

After a few days, Imran Uddin wasn’t able to continue teaching him and so, he asked Chandan to watch some of his videos.

Thanks to this course, Chandan found the gist of blogging and started putting the right efforts.

Key takeaway- Yes, writing is the most important aspect of blogging.

But there are many other things apart from writing which you need to know to succeed. Some of those are SEO, knowledge of your CMS like WordPress, etc.

So, apart from learning writing, you should also learn these things.

Thankfully, now there are many free and paid resources on the internet for teaching you these things.

If you like to learn blogging in Hindi, you can read Chandan’s blog and watch his YouTube videos on his YouTube channel, Hindi Me Jankari.

Walking the right way-

After taking the course, Chandan knew what needed to be done in blogging.

So, he started doing the right things in blogging.

Even during this time, his English writing skills weren’t perfect but Chandan made sure to write his own blog posts in the best possible way and publish them.

This time around, he didn’t copy others’ blog posts.

Fortunately, after a period of three months, in 2014, Chandan’s AdSense application got approved and he started to earn a little.

Full focus-

Chandan started to work with full focus

Around this same time, Chandan graduated from the college and got enrolled for post graduation in Sambalpur University, Orissa.

While in post graduation, he used to waste no time and invest most of his time for blogging.

Immediately after attending classes, Chandan used to return home and start working on his blog.

In this phase, he spent more time working on his blog than in college.

On many days, Chandan would keep working on his blog all night up until 3 A.M..

But during that time, his earnings from his blog weren’t great.

On many days, Chandan used to earn not more than $1 per day.

Key takeaway- In the initial days of your blog, don’t expect to earn handsomely.

Even if you put all the right efforts, it takes time to start earning from your blog. So, don’t lose patience and never stop working.

Holidays well spent

In 2015, Chandan completed his post graduation, Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Computer Science.

After finishing the course, many of his college friends went home for summer vacation.

But Chandan stayed back in his room to work on his blog, so he didn’t go home.

So, he was left alone in his room and as there was no one around him, he worked on his blog with utmost dedication during this period of three months.

And thanks to this commitment, Chandan’s earnings from blog increased greatly.

His earnings increased by 50,000 rupees.

Key takeaway- If you don’t get demotivated during the initial phases of your blog and keep on working with dedication, after a period of time, you can earn well with your blog.

Family pressure-

Once his blog earnings increased, Chandan returned home.

But his family members weren’t very confident about blogging, so they advised him to take a different career path.

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They weren’t happy that Chandan was spending most of his time at home working on his blog.

His relatives and family members started pressuring him to prepare for jobs like banking jobs.

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At this point of time, Chandan felt helpless and decided to abandon blogging altogether and do as they said.

Chandan withstood the pressure

Thankfully, he didn’t give up blogging upon realising his passion for blogging.

After making up his mind to continue blogging, Chandan stayed home and restarted blogging.

Eventually, he started different blogs.

Starting a Hindi blog-

By 2016, some of his English blogs were earning Chandan income in six figures.

Although he was satisfied with his income, he wasn’t happy with the little recognition these English blogs brought him.

At that time and even now, Hindi is the most spoken language in India but there weren’t many blogs in Hindi.

So, Chandan understood that to get recognised in his country, he should start a blog in Hindi.

Also, around this time, he came across a Hindi blogger who was earning good and so Chandan was confident that blogging in Hindi was also profitable.

So, he along with some of his friends planned to start a blog in Hindi.

Subsequently, Chandan along with his college friends Sabina Khatoon and CM Sharma started in February 2016.

During that time, there weren’t many resources for blogging in Hindi.

So, Chandan conducted experiments on his own on to find the best practices for SEO of a Hindi blog.

Key takeaway- If there aren’t enough resources for your blogging issues, don’t fear to conduct your own experiments.

By doing this, you will not only gain knowledge but can share that gained knowledge through your blog and this makes for a very unique content.

Later, Chandan’s friends left him and he was left alone to work on his blogs.

In 2017, his cousin brother, Prabhanjan Kumar Sahoo also joined him to work on blogs.

Prabhanjan is a good writer and does most of the writing work for the blogs.

Google Question Hub-

In November 2018, Google Question Hub conducted a competition for determining bloggers using Google Question Hub effectively to create good content.

More than 400 bloggers from all over India participated in this competition.

As a part of this competition, Chandan used to publish around 2-3 articles on a daily basis. won Google Question Hub Gold Award

In December 2018, blog won the second prize of Google Question Hub Gold Award in this competition and Chandan and his brother went to Delhi to receive the prize.

The content published on with the help of Google Question Hub proved very helpful as this boosted the traffic to their website.

The rise in traffic was mainly because of two reasons-

  • As a part of the competition, they published high quality blog posts in a short period of a few months.
  • They wrote blog posts on topics which weren’t well covered.

Thanks to this rise in traffic, Chandan realised the potential and scope of Hindi blogging.

Now, he with his Hindi blog proves that blogging in Hindi is profitable.

Becoming rich-

Blogging has made Chandan very rich and his blog alone earns him around $6k per month.

He has a network of 10 blogs and all of them are in English except which is in Hindi.

And the good thing is that most of them are running successfully.

Realising his dreams-

Chandan’s favourite things are electronic gadgets and automobiles.

Thanks to blogging, he has been able to realise these dreams.

Blogging has enabled Chandan to purchase many expensive electronic gadgets like Macbooks, Mac mini, iPhone, iPad, etc.

In 2020, he purchased a Sony Alpha a7S III camera and its related gear which are worth more than 5 lakh rupees.

Also in that year, Chandan purchased a Jeep Compass SUV worth 30 lakh rupees.

Chandan wouldn’t have realised all these luxurious dreams if he hadn’t become a blogger.

Working from his favourite place-

Chandan loves working from Chandrapur village, Sambalpur district in Odisha.

He enjoys working in the distraction free atmosphere of the village but he occasionally faces internet connectivity problems there.

But this problem couldn’t stop Chandan from becoming a successful blogger.

Key takeaway- Unlike regular jobs, blogging allows you to work from anywhere you like and this is one of the main benefits of blogging.

In media-

Chandan’s success story has been featured in many news channels and newspapers of Odisha like-

  • News18 Odia.
  • Odisha TV.
  • Sambad.


The success story of Chandan is inspiring

The success story of Chandan motivates us to become a successful blogger.

His success teaches us that being patient is the most important thing, in fact, it took him three years to see any success.

Chandan’s success provides inspiration for all bloggers in general and for Hindi bloggers in particular.

So, did you get motivated by Chandan’s story?

What is the most important thing that you learned from this article?

Please share it in the comment section below.

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