Are you confused between choosing blogging as a full time career and a regular 9-5 job?

Then, you are at the right place.

In this article, I will compare all the aspects of a regular job with blogging.

By the end of this article, you will become confident to choose the right career option.

So read on.

Earning potential-


In the initial years of your blogging career, your earnings will not be very inciting.

In fact, you need to work hard for a lot of unpaid months or even a year.

And only after a year or two, your blog will earn you some money.

But from your third year of blogging, you can expect to earn well with your blog.

And from then on, there will be no cap to your earning potential.

Also, here you need not wait for a complete year for increments.

If your blog performs well, you can see an increase in your blog earnings on a monthly basis and exponential growth in blogging is very much possible.

You can also start multiple blogs and earn from all of them.


Amit Agarwal, the first professional blogger of India couldn’t make decent money in his first year of blogging.

But he persisted and now, he makes over $60,000 from his blog, Digital Inspiration.


You will get paid from the very first month in your job

Unlike blogging, you will get paid from the very first month in your job.

But to be honest, there are a very few high paying jobs.

Here, exponential growth is absent.

In contrast to blogging, your earnings can’t be unlimited in a job.

Here, your earnings will be fixed by your employer.

In most of the cases, you will need to wait for a full year to receive an increment.



If your blogs are on the self-hosted content management system (CMS), you have full control over your blogs.

You can do whatever you want with them.

You can grow them as fast as you want, collaborate with others, sell them, delete them, etc.

Also, you have full control over your blogging career, your career and income grows as fast as you work.


You can’t have full control over your job but your employer does.

Although you can work hard and expect for raises and promotions, it depends upon your boss, organisation and workplace politics.



Scope of diversification in blogging

In blogging, there is a huge scope of diversification in every aspect.

As there are many ways to earn from a blog, you can diversify your income.

If you fear that your blog might fail someday, no problem, diversify and start a portfolio of blogs (you can hire people to help you).

Or invest the money that you are earning from your blog into other businesses.


Johnny Ward with the money he made from blogging brought multiple properties in London and Thailand.


There is little scope of diversification in a regular job.

If you are working in a profession for a few years, you fear switching your profession from the fear of starting all over again.

Unlike blogging, there aren’t many ways of earning from a job apart from receiving paychecks, incentives and in some cases stock options.

You can start multiple blogs and take the help of people to scale them but it is difficult for you to do many jobs in a day because you will become exhausted.

Also, you cannot hire people to help you in your job.

Location freedom-


Blogging requires just a laptop and an internet connection.

This means bloggers can work from any part of the world by carrying their laptop and stopping at places which provide WiFi or use their mobile’s hotspot.

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Johnny Ward, a famous travel blogger was able to blog on

One Step 4Ward while visiting every country on the earth.

You can also work from your home and avoid wasting your precious time in traffic delays.

As you can create your own schedule, you can plan to work at your most productive hours.


There are very few jobs which allow you to work from anywhere.

Some examples of such jobs are web designer, virtual assistant, social media manager, etc.

But most of the jobs require you to come to the office.

So, while commuting to the office you might waste your time stuck in traffic.

A research conducted in 2019 in the UK found that Brits spend an average of 115 hours stuck in traffic.

If you start working at 25 and retire at 65, you will spend 40 years of your life working.

This means you will spend a total of 4600 hours stuck in traffic, which is equivalent to 0.5 year (half-a-year).

In case of location freedom, blogging wins hands down.

If your blog becomes financially successful, you can visit all your favourite countries in the world and not miss your work.




Even if you become a moderately successful blogger, you will get recognised by thousands of people.

But if you manage to become a hugely successful blogger, mainstream media will cover you and you will be recognised by millions of people across the world.

Here, you will get full credit for your success because you are the face of your blog and your bio will be present in every blog post of yours.


Johnny Ward got featured in CNN, Forbes, National Geographic, The New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, etc.

Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration was interviewed by CNN IBN, NDTV, Times Now TV, etc.

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Here also you can get media coverage and huge recognition if you become like the CEO of a huge corporation but this takes a lot of effort and luck.

If you do a regular job, you will get known only by a few people.

Ability to sell-


You can sell your blogs for a profit and quickly earn a huge sum of money.

Normally, blogs get sold for 24 times of their monthly revenue.

Or if you don’t want to sell your blogs to someone else but are planning to retire from blogging, you can hand over your blogs to your family.


Unlike blogs, you can’t sell your job and can’t bestow it to your family members.

Early retirement-

Now, you might not think of retiring early.

But in the future, you might consider this if you got fed up with your work or due to any other reasons.


With blogging you can make enough money to retire early

If you work consistently and smartly on your blog, it will make you and your family enough money to retire early.

Thanks to blogging, many people have become millionaires and these people can retire early without worrying about their finances.

Some examples of millionaire bloggers are Johnny Ward, Harsh Agrawal, Jim Harmer, etc.

Or if you love blogging and don’t want to retire ever, you can blog all your life, there is no one stopping you from doing this.

For example, Seth Godin born on 10 June 1960 still blogs regularly on his blog.


A regular job can’t provide you with the luxury of retiring early.

So, even if you hate your job, you will have no option other than working on your job for most of your life.

When should you quit your job for blogging?

You have two options to consider-

  • Quit your job to start a blog.
  • Start a blog on the side and quit your job when your blog becomes successful.

Quit your job and start a blog-

You can consider this option when you have sufficient financial backup for at least a year and half to two years or if your family is ready to support you financially.

You should choose this option only when you are fully confident that you love writing and can become a successful blogger.


Johnny Ward secured a job in a conference company in Sydney but had no heart for it.

So, he applied to resign for his job and started his blog during the time in which he served his notice period.

Amit Agarwal quit his job at ADP, Hyderabad and then started his blog.

The advantage of this method is that you can invest all your energy and time in learning blogging and growing your blog.

A disadvantage of this approach is that you will be somewhat stressed out to make your blog profitable as early as possible.

In this phase of your life, you should be as frugal as possible.

Work on side-

This is a safe option for the people who doubt whether or not they can become successful at blogging.

When you choose this option, you have to become very good at time management.

The advantage of this method is that you need not worry about the profitability of your blog in its initial stages because your job will be paying your bills.

And a disadvantage of this approach is that you will not have all the required time to learn blogging and grow your blog.

Most of your days will be hectic as you need to manage your job, blog and also give time to yourself and your family.

Time to quit your job-

Become a full-time blogger

Once your blog gains momentum and is receiving decent traffic and continuously earning well for several months, you can think of quitting your job.

Once your blog earnings are on par with the salary of your job, you can quit your job and become a full-time blogger.

But ensure that you have saved enough money for at least a year for safety purposes.


Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud resigned from his job at Convergys because he started earning decent income with his blog.

But prior to resigning he worked for seven months on his blog and ensured that his blog was making profits.

Double or triple your earnings-

If you are working on your blog part-time and earning some money, you can easily double or triple your earnings if you can work on your blog full-time with dedication.

Also, after quitting your job, you will have enough time to start multiple blogs and experiment with them.

Convincing family-

It is good to consult your family before quitting your job for blogging.

Your family might easily approve of your decision if you are earning with your blog.


Unlike a job, you can’t earn from your blog from the first month itself.

But the earning potential with blogging is limitless and this allows you to become very rich and retire early if you want to.

You have full control over your blog but not your job.

Also, diversification of income is possible with blogs but not with jobs.

Finally, if you are still confused between job and blogging, remember that doing what you enjoy doing is anytime better than doing what you don’t like doing.

So, explore both of them and observe where your passion lies and then, follow your passion.

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So, which one will you prefer doing a regular job or becoming a full-time blogger or manage both your job and blog on the side?

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