If you are planning to pursue blogging as a career then, this article is a must read.

In this blog post, I will tell the many pros and few cons which you will come across when you choose blogging as a career.

If you are wondering if blogging is the right career fit for you or not, then this article is for you.

Additionally, I will also suggest some amazing tips to make your blogging career successful.

More power to you-

Out of innumerable benefits of becoming a blogger, the most prominent ones are that you can positively influence the lives of many people all over the world and in this process you can also make a good living.

The moment you start a blog and start to work on it, you become an online entrepreneur.

The good thing is that out of all the businesses, blogging has very low startup costs.

And for choosing blogging as your profession, you don’t even require a college degree.

There is also no age restriction for becoming a blogger, you can become a blogger even if you are a school going kid or a retired person.

Slow and steady wins the race-

blogging is a time taking process

Much like any other business out there, your blog will also grow slowly and over the time as you build more content, you will get more traffic and your earning potential also increases proportionally.

There are no professional institutes which teach blogging, so you should learn everything on your own, by trial and error, reading other blogs, books and observing other bloggers.

Can you make a living?

Almost all the bloggers think of this because making a living out of your métier (blog) is very important.

To be brutally honest, if you are completely new to blogging, then in your first year you will probably make nothing.

In this time frame, you will get a good understanding of blogging, experiment different things, try to find your strengths and passions, etc.

Your earning potential depends on various factors like-

  • The quality and quantity of content
  • Traffic
  • Monetization and marketing strategies
  • Your skill sets and products
  • The amount of influence that you can exert over your audience, etc.

Once you become a successful blogger, your earning potential is really limitless.

Blogging is one of those rare businesses that will make money even when you are asleep.

Yes, unlike many other businesses your blog will be open twenty-four hours a day all through the year and will earn you money.

Even if you are working in a regular job, you can side hustle by starting a blog.

Must have skills-

be skillful to succeed in blogging

There are a few skills which you should have or learn to make your blogging career fruitful.

The most important one of them is having good writing skills.

You should be able to write decent blog posts spanning over thousands of words.

With practise and by taking writing classes if necessary you can definitely improve a lot.

You should definitely become a blogger if you have excellent writing skills and creativity.

The more you read and write, the better blogger you become and there is no shortcut to this.

Reading helps you to widen your perspective about things and teaches you a lot of things and adds a lot of value to you.

Then, your job as a blogger is to simply share this gained value by adding your own thoughts with your readers.

As a blogger, you should improve your reading comprehension and read between the lines.

You should also be comfortable to work long hours on a computer and be a lifelong student.

Be industrious-

You should definitely be a hard-working and stubborn person.

As blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, you should be willing to work hard on your blog for many months even when you don’t see any results and only a few bloggers survive this tough phase.

You should be patient and motivated and as there are a lot of things involved in blogging, you should also stay organized to be efficient.

Be competitive-

As a blogger you should be competitive

As a blogger, you will face competition from bloggers all across the world.

So, to survive the competition, you need to continuously improve your skills.

If you like being competitive, then blogging can be the right thing for you.

Even if there is huge competition in the blogosphere, you can definitely succeed if you have the required skills and knowledge and focus on a niche.

Assume complete responsibility-

The success of your blogging career solely depends on you.

You should take the complete responsibility of your successes and failures.

When you succeed, you should pat your back for your smartness, hard working nature and strategies.

But if you fail at some things, then you should introspect the reasons for failure and shortcomings and try to become better.

As you are the only person working on your blog, you can’t push blame on others.

Having the complete responsibility for your blogging career has many benefits like-

  • You can quickly make decisions and implement them.
  • You can quickly find the shortcomings in your strategies and improve on them.
  • You can grow your blog as much as you want.
  • Taking the complete credit for your success is very satisfying.
  • Having full control over your career is very fulfilling and reassuring and this motivates you to work harder.

Have priorities-

Have good priorities

Blogging involves several things, some of which really help in your career and others are not so helpful.

As a blogger, you should be able to prioritize all the tasks.

You should focus most of your time and energy on doing the most important things like creating blog posts, products, interacting with your audience, etc.

And you should not spend much time on things like social media, focusing too much on the themes, design of your website, constantly checking your website stats and emails, comparing with others, etc.

Streamline for success-

First and foremost, you should decide a specific niche for your blog.

All your blog posts and products should be related to a single niche only.

You can have several subcategories in your blog as long as they all fall under the niche of your blog.

When you do this, you will quickly rank in search engines, gain the right audience and will be able to sell your products and services.

Long term vision-

Have a long term vision for your blog

To maintain your success for a long time, you should chalk out a long term vision for your blog business.

For this you should work to become an authority in your niche, create and launch your own products, develop an audience, etc.

If you wish to sustain for a very long time in blogging, you should never consider blackhat techniques like article spinning, building spam links, private blog networks, keyword stuffing, cloaking, content automation, sneaky redirects, etc.

These techniques will cause your blog to die young and will hurt your reputation.

Worklife balance-

Maintaining proper work-life balance in blogging is not as easy as it seems.

As you can work on your blog from anywhere and on anytime, you will be always allured to work on your blog and grow it even bigger.

Also, if you are the only person working on your blog, you will not prefer holidaying much as you will fear that this can negatively affect your blog.

Even if you are on a vacation, even a single email or comment on your blog can pull you into work.

Nowadays, practising proper restrain from work has become even more difficult thanks to the modern smartphones.

Initially, you will find yourself working too much on your blog as there will be very less content on your blog and you need this work to build momentum.

But the silver lining is that once you become successful and start earning from your blog, you can hire people to help you out.

The best thing about blogging is that as you are your own boss, you have complete control over your schedule and so, you can plan accordingly.

In blogging, as you will assign work for yourself, you will feel much less pressure.

As you can blog from anywhere, you can blog from your home and spend quality time with your family.

Have an income goal-

As a blogger, you cannot correctly predict your income.

But having an income goal will definitely motivate you to work harder on your blog and this will indirectly help you to earn more and quickly.

So, you should write down an income goal and plan to make a specific amount of money in a specific time period.

Initially, make small income goals and then, after achieving them, you can scale them up.

You can also have subscribers and traffic goals for your blog.


blogging is little risky

As with every career, there is some element of risk associated with blogging.

When you are in a regular job, you might risk losing your job or not getting raises, etc.

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If you are running any business, you will also face many risks like changes in government policy, economic risk, etc.

Similarly, blogging also has its own share of risks.

As blogging depends on the internet and as the internet is quite fluctuating, choosing blogging as your career is little risky.

A single Google update can sometimes cause your website’s rankings to tank (but in most of the cases you can recover from this by making some changes).

From April 21, 2020 Amazon reduced its commission rates and if you run websites which are monetized through amazon affiliate program, then your earnings will decrease.

Like these, there are many factors which can affect your income.

But the good part is that you can mitigate most of these by-

  • Utilizing multiple monetization techniques like advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, etc. so that even if one technique doesn’t function well, you can still earn from the other methods.
  • Creating a portfolio of websites, so that even if one of your websites gets affected you can earn from other websites.
  • Investing the profits you made from your websites in other businesses, etc.

What if your blog fails?

If you can’t make your blog successful even after working sincerely on it, you should not worry because you would have acquired many valuable skills.

And these skills will help you secure many freelancing and job opportunities.

As a blogger you will acquire many skills like content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, website designing, etc.

All these skills are in great demand and will pay you well.

If you become successful-

If you become a successful professional blogger, you will earn from your blog but additionally you can offer consultancy, SEO and other services.

Compared to other online methods blogging is safe

Compared to other online methods like app development and YouTubing, blogging is very stable, safe and mature.

I recommend you to read the stories of successful professional bloggers like Harsh Agarwal and Amit Agarwal for inspiration.

If you are planning to choose blogging as your career, you should start early because learning the process and earning money from your blog takes time.

And don’t worry blogging has a very bright future.

So, are you willing to choose blogging as your career?

If you are already a blogger, how is your blogging career going?

Please tell me through the comments.

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