Are you planning to start a blog and wondering whether Blogger is a good option or not?

Then, you should definitely read this article because here I have mentioned all the pros and cons for choosing Blogger as your content management system (CMS) from a beginner’s point of view.

Also, I started my first ever blog with Blogger and used it extensively for around nine months and I know very well about Blogger, so here I will also share my personal experiences.

So read on.

Short answer-

Blogger is a decent option for beginner bloggers who don’t want to invest in purchasing a web hosting for starting a self-hosted blog.

But Blogger has a few limitations.

And the good part is that if you feel that these limitations are restricting the growth of your blog, you can always migrate from Blogger to the most popular CMS, WordPress.

Why and when is Blogger good for beginners?

If you are reluctant to invest-

Blogger is the best option

There might be many reasons for this like-

  • You might not be having enough money to start a blog on a self-hosted platform like
  • As you are just starting out and not earning anything through blogging, you might be feeling that buying a hosting and domain name are too expensive.
  • You might be in a dilemma whether you have chosen the right blog niche or not and might be worried whether your niche has earning potential or not.
  • You might be uncertain that you might not succeed even after investing in your blog, etc.

If you are not ready to invest due to any one or more of the above mentioned reasons, then you can start a blog without any investment on Blogger.

Here, Google provides you a free hosting which can handle unlimited traffic and also a free subdomain with SSL certificate.

It is good to start with Blogger for free rather than choosing to start a WordPress blog with a free web host because in many cases these free web hosts are unreliable and impose too many restrictions.

As Blogger is hosted and managed by Google, their servers are very secure and reliable.

If you don’t have enough technical knowledge-

Many beginners don’t have the required technical knowledge of setting up a domain and web hosting, installing WordPress and securing their website.

Also managing WordPress is more technical than Blogger.

If you feel that learning WordPress as a beginner is overwhelming, you can start a blog on Blogger.

Starting with Blogger is very easy and requires only a Gmail account.

If all you want is basic features-

Blogger has basic features

If you don’t care about the advanced features of WordPress and just want the basic features for publishing blog posts, then Blogger is a good choice.

You should remember that unlike WordPress, Blogger is very basic, so you have very few customization options for your blog and you can’t add many bells and whistles to it.

But the good news is that Blogger has all the required basic features for a blog like-

  • Many blog formatting options like the ability to add heading and subheadings, images, videos, choose fonts, add bulleted lists or numbered lists, adjust indent, etc.
  • Decent search engine optimization (SEO) options like ability to add internal and external links, edit robot tags, edit permalinks, add redirections, add custom robots.txt, etc.
  • Ability for being able to type in multiple languages, moderate comments, add comment captcha.
  • Ability to add a custom domain to your blog.
  • Facility to integrate necessary services like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, etc.
  • Ability to backup your content, schedule your blog posts and allow site feed.
  • Option to edit HTML, choose a required theme for your blog, etc.
  • Ability to earn by displaying Google AdSense ads, affiliate marketing, etc.
Edit HTML option in Blogger
Edit HTML option in Blogger

If you are unsure whether blogging is the right career option-

This fear is common for many beginners.

It is common for them to doubt whether blogging is the right career option for them or not.

If this is the case with you, then you might not be willing to invest in starting a blog on WordPress.

In this case, you can start a free blog on Blogger and blog for a few months and check whether you enjoy blogging or not.

If you like the researching and writing aspects of blogging, you can continue blogging or if you don’t like them, you can just abandon blogging.

As you made no investment in starting a blog with Blogger, you will not lose any money.

If you want to hone your writing skills-

If you are just starting out, you might not be having decent writing skills and when you don’t have good writing skills, it is difficult to rank on search engines, attract readers and earn money.

If this is the case, you might not be willing to invest in setting up a WordPress blog.

So, initially, you can start with Blogger for free and start a blog on any topic you like and write blog posts to improve your writing skills.

Later, when you are confident of your writing skills, you can invest to start a new blog on WordPress or migrate your Blogger blog to WordPress.

Important points to remember-

Choose a custom domain-

Purchase a custom domain

Even though Blogger gives you a free subdomain, you should purchase a custom domain as it is good for branding of your blog.

Also, you should apply for Google AdSense only after purchasing a custom domain and not with a subdomain.

Because when you get Google AdSense approval on a custom domain, you can use this AdSense account even after you migrate to WordPress.

But if you get AdSense approval on a blogspot subdomain, then this AdSense account is tied to Blogger.

Know when to migrate-

Many successful bloggers like Darren Rowse, Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agrawal, Chandan Prasad Sahoo, etc. started on Blogger and then, they migrated to the self-hosted WordPress at the right time.

As previously said, I too started on Blogger and then migrated to WordPress.

When you blog on Blogger for a few months, you will come across some of its restrictions which might hold you back in your blogging journey.

If you come across any such restrictions, you should not hesitate to migrate to the self-hosted WordPress.

In my case, the limitations were that Blogger used to display date parameters in the permalinks of the blog posts which is not good for SEO.

Also, after publishing around 80 posts, the layout of the homepage started to appear in a way which I didn’t like.

These kinds of restraints force many people who start on Blogger to migrate to WordPress.

It’s easy-

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress is easy and there are a lot of tutorials on the topic but properly setting up the permalinks after migration is an arduous task.

The permalinks of Blogger show dates and when you migrate to WordPress, you have to edit those permalinks to remove date and then set up redirections.

This is a manual and time consuming task.

Don’t be impulsive-

You shouldn’t be impulsive in migrating from Blogger to WordPress.

Setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog is more complex than that of Blogger.

Here, you need to understand how to connect domain with your web hosting and many settings of WordPress like redirections, permalinks, etc.

So, before migrating to WordPress, you should learn about setting up WordPress and also learn about migrating from Blogger to WordPress by reading relevant blog posts and watching videos.

Otherwise, you might get overwhelmed by the process and might commit some mistakes or might revert back to Blogger.

When you shouldn’t choose Blogger?

Choose WordPress

You shouldn’t start your blog on Blogger if you are in a position to be able to afford a domain name and web hosting for a WordPress blog.

Also, you should start with WordPress when you are confident enough that you will become a successful blogger with your first blog itself and your writing skills are good enough.

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Blogger is the best free blogging platform for beginners and has all the basic features required for blogging.

But you should choose this option only when you cannot afford to purchase a web hosting because Blogger has certain limitations.

WordPress is much better than Blogger and is the best CMS for running a blog.

So if you can afford a web hosting, nothing is better than a self-hosted WordPress blog.

So, are you going to start your first blog on Blogger or WordPress?

Please tell me through comments.

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