Are you a newbie blogger or professional blogger and want to know the interesting benefits of being a blogger?

Then, this blog post is a must read because this post inspires newbie bloggers to continue blogging.

And for professional bloggers, this post affirms that they did a great job by choosing one of the most lucrative fields as their career.

Whether you are a professional blogger or a personal blogger, you can easily relate to these points.

Benefits of Being a Blogger-

Be your own boss-

As a blogger, you need not follow a boss’s orders, instead blogging gives you the much needed freedom to design your schedules.

You need not adhere to the 9-5 work schedule and can decide for yourself when you want to work and how much you want to work.

Also, as you are on your own, you can take breaks whenever you like and enjoy life to its fullest.

So, blogging permits you to live your life on your terms and this is the biggest advantage of being a blogger.

Financial freedom-

When you become a successful blogger, blogging has the potential to grant you the financial freedom and fulfill all your wishes.

In blogging, you are in direct control of your income and there are many ways by which you can monetize your blog.

Some of the popular options include advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, sponsorship, membership sites, etc.

With your blog, you can make money both actively and passively (while sleeping or holidaying)

A blogger earns well

Unlike the traditional jobs, in blogging, there is no limit to your earning potential.

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You can make recurrent income from your blog and your income is directly proportional to your hard work and strategies.

Therefore, without any doubt starting and maintaining a blog is a very good investment for your future.

By the way, the richest blogger in the world is Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post and she earns around $41,660,000 per month.

Learn numerous digital marketing skills-

Blogging gives you an opportunity to practically learn many important digital marketing skills like-

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Data Analysis
  • Designing Skills
  • Management skills

Become a web designer-

As a blogger, you will eventually learn how to design attractive websites.

And this will help you to become a web designer.

For this, you need not know coding as you can utilize myriad number of WordPress themes and plugins.

Develop your writing, reading, communication and researching skills-

good content is vital for blogging

In blogging, content is not only the king but also the kingmaker.

Through blogging, you will learn how to write great content and in this process, you will also expand your vocabulary.

Additionally, you will learn how to perform research and structure content.

All these things help you to better understand your niche and will make you a good writer and thinker.

Blogging will make you a great communicator and teaches you brevity by which you can communicate difficult things in a much simpler way.

You will also read and research a lot to gather information for blog posts and this will help you to become a better reader and researcher.

Become an author-

When you blog for a few years, you can easily author a book.

You can either write new content or simply take your popular blog posts and convert them into an ebook or physical book or both.

For example, Deepak Kanakaraju of Digital Deepak made a book, Edge of Sanity: How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur without Losing Your Sanity out of his popular blog posts.

When you have established yourself as an authority in your niche, you can easily market your book to your blog readers and get good sales

Cal Newport, author of many great books like Deep Work, Digital Minimalism, etc. also markets his books through his blog, Cal Newport.

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Profoundly impact the lives of others-

Your blog is helpful for others

Your blog gives you many opportunities to not only help yourself but also other people.

You can teach, guide and inspire others and change their lives for better.

Through your blog, you can address the problems of your readers and provide solutions to them.

Through your blog, you can also support a cause.

For example, with the help of my other blog, Youth Motivator, I motivate people.

There, I publish the struggle to success stories of many famous personalities which inspires everyone to overcome the hurdles in their lives.

Without any doubt, this is the most satisfying bonus of being a blogger.

Follow your passion-

A typical blogger starts a blog on the area of his interest.

If you are not a blogger and planning to become one then, you are free to start a blog on any niche which interests you.

And by doing this, you can blog your heart out and wholeheartedly enjoy the blogging process.

Thus, blogging gives you the opportunity to choose your passion as your profession.

This helps you to gain deeper insights in your hobbies and you can even dive deep into them and explore different sub niches within your particular niche.

Document your learning journey-

Your blog will make you the expert

If you aim to become the best in any field, then starting or having a blog really helps.

You can document the journey in your blog and share the progress with the world.

For example, if you want to improve your photography skills, then you can start a blog and share how you started in photography.

Later, you can share how you improved your photography skills and became a better photographer.

Your blog will inspire amateur photographers to get better at photography and also teach them the required skills.

Thus, your blog not only helps you in fine tuning your skills and hobbies but also serves as an invaluable resource to others who are interested in learning them.

You can also use your blog as a creative outlet or photo library.

Become a serial entrepreneur-

Blogging gives you a great chance to become a serial entrepreneur and with blogging it is very easy to become one.

I know many bloggers who started their blogging journey with just a single blog and a few years down the road, they were running numerous blogs.

Your future and finances will thank you for this.

Promote your other ventures-

Your blog helps you in business

Through your blog, you can promote and grow many things, like your YouTube channel, books, video courses, other blogs, information products, offline businesses, services, skills, etc.

Also, you can market your other skills like video designing, logo designing, etc.

Your blog will help you in attracting potential customers to the products or services you offer.

For example, if you are selling an online course, then the best way to interest your prospective customers is to write blog posts about the problems your potential customers might be facing and explaining how your product solves their worries.

When you succeed to convince them with your blog posts, then those people are more than happy to consider purchasing your products or services.

Crisis-proof your businesses-

Your blog will also help you to recession proof your other businesses.

If you run any other businesses which are likely to get affected by recession.

Then, you can take the help of your blog to drive traffic and leads to your businesses and as a blog is almost recession proof, it will greatly help your businesses.

Your blog also allows your businesses to gain an online exposure.

If you are a professional like a lawyer, doctor, etc. then your blog will provide you many business opportunities like consultations, etc.

Blogging provides you an opportunity to earn the trust of your potential customers and this helps you to achieve your business goals.

Defeat your competition-

You can achieve this by creating more helpful and valuable content to cater the needs and intent of your consumers.

By doing this, the potential buyers will get attracted towards your products and services rather than your competitors’.

This is applicable for both online and offline businesses.

Many businesses focus only on transactional queries of the searchers through advertising.

But you can create content answering their informational queries and establish relationships with them and entice them to your offerings.

Be more frugal-

Running a blog is cheap

If you are running paid advertisements to promote your business, then a blog can help you immensely in reducing the advertisement spends.

Running a blog is usually much cheaper than advertisements and provides you much higher return on investment.

Also, the people embrace and interact with blog posts much more than with ads.

A blog is much more evergreen than the advertisements, mainly because advertisements stop the minute you stop spending money on them but this is not the case with your blog.

Your blog posts bring in traffic and leads as long as your content serves the intent of your customers.

If you have only a static website for your business, then this is the right time to consider blogging.

A blog has a higher positive impact on your business than just a static website and it also greatly helps in your business’ online visibility.

Build your own network-

Through your blog, you can build your own network.

There are many ways to achieve this, like creating a Facebook group or building an email list, etc.

Also, you can employ many social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, etc. for this.

This network will help you to create a following for yourself, get a job, freelance projects, find publishers and investors for your business.

Become part of a community-

blogging builds community

Through blogging, you can connect with like-minded people and become a part of the worldwide community.

This has many benefits, like you can learn from them and get feedback and also befriend them.

A community also serves as a support group and audience.

Become a thought leader-

Blogging allows you to gain expertise in your niche and become a thought leader.

By becoming a thought leader, you will gain the attention of other predominant bloggers related to your niche and this will help you in many ways.

Creating relationships with those influencers will help you in joining discussions with them and even become their business partners.

Create a brand-

build a brand name with blog

Your blog would be your online identity and this helps you to build a brand name and gain recognition and secure brand deals.

Usually this takes a few years but it is completely worth it.

Become a speaker-

As your blogs gain popularity, you will get public speaking invitations from various conferences all over the world.

Also, you will get interviewed and get featured on podcasts.

Ultimately, blogging also helps you to hone your speaking skills.

Fortify your resume-

Your blog will be a great addition to your resume and helps you to get your dream job.

If you plan to secure a job in the fields like digital marketing, freelancing, virtual assistance, etc. then having a blog and showing your expertise through your blog definitely helps.

Your blog will also help you in attracting the potential clients.

As a blogger, you can either work for yourself or a company as an employee or freelancer.

Career support-

Blogging also plays a major role in helping you career wise.

If you are a professional, then blogging helps you to improve your professional skills.

As you research more about your work, you will understand it more deeply.

Finally, blogging can help you get promoted at your workplace.

Also, after becoming a successful blogger, you can teach blogging and digital marketing to others and contribute to their careers.

I have seen many family members and friends of bloggers who also started blogging after learning the potential and scope of blogging from them.


Blogging will make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Sharing your thoughts on a blog is very much different from that on social media.

When you share something through your social media, it will most probably reach your friends and family.

But when you do this through your blog, your thoughts and opinions have the potential to reach all over the world.

And this opens the door for criticism and so many people are not comfortable with this.

As a blogger, you will believe in yourself and your work and confidently put it out to the world.

If your work is great, eventually, you will receive good appreciation and positive feedback and this will make you even more confident of yourself and your abilities.

Also, the constructive criticism will help in your growth.

Intelligence and knowledge-

Blogging career demands you to stay updated all the time, as only by doing so you can survive in your niche.

So, you will be continually researching and exploring new things and this process will make you more knowledgeable and intelligent over the time.

You will not only learn about your niche but also other areas like marketing, web development, etc.

Another appreciable thing is that you will share this invaluable knowledge with your readers and also help them to become smarter.


Like many fields, blogging is also somewhat competitive.

So, in order to become successful, you will differentiate yourself from the competition.

For this, you will brainstorm and think outside the box, then you will come up with many innovative ideas.

Your innovation will reflect in the way you create content and promote it.


As we all know, the internet is as diverse a place as the world.

On the internet you will not only encounter many positive people but also some negative and toxic people.

These negative people are skilled at finding fault in your work, no matter how good your work is.

In your initial days, you might get demotivated by their pessimistic feedback, but trust me over the time you will get over this.

And you will become a much stronger and tougher person.

Time management-

blogging teaches time management

Time is the most precious resource which should never be wasted.

Fortunately, being a blogger, you will learn the importance of time management early in your blogging career.

As you need to spend your time on many things like research, writing, content promotion, search engine optimization, etc. you will become very skilled at managing your time efficiently.

And even if you are connected to the internet all the time, you will not wander away while using social media or by other distractions on the web.

The skill of managing time not only helps you in your blogging career but also in your life and this is definitely a great skill to master.


As a blogger, you can work from anywhere in the world provided you have a laptop with an internet connection.

So, you can enjoy a laptop lifestyle and travel the world and realize your traveling dreams.

More importantly, blogging offers you the time and money required to globe-trot.

Good relationships-

As you can blog from the comfort of your home and earn money, you can spend quality time with your family and improve relationships.

For example, if you are a mom blogger, you can take care of your kids round the clock.


Accountability is very much needed to achieve your goals and for this, you might need an accountability partner.

Here, your blog can serve you as your accountability partner.

For example, if your target is to improve your eating habits, then you can start a blog on it.

In your blog, you can state that your goal is to better your eating habits and then, you can periodically blog about the improvements you made.

The readers of your blog will assist you as your accountability partners and help you to accomplish your goal.

By reading your blog, your readers will also get motivated to accomplish their own goals.

Teaches the importance of hard work and consistency-

In the process of becoming a successful blogger, you will realize the importance of hard work and consistency.

If you suffer from procrastination, blogging can help you overcome it.

Work hard to make your blog successful

To make a blog successful, you need to work hard and consistently on it.

It takes a lot of work to research the topics, write blog posts, optimize them both for users and search engines.

So, it is advised to love your niche, so that you don’t feel burdened by your work.

The hard work which you put in your blog will eventually pay off in the forms of great feedback, monetization, etc.

Makes you a better person-

The initial days or months of blogging can be quite challenging, as your blog will not be making any money or gaining any traffic or traction.

In this difficult phase, you will get to know more about yourself and these challenges will make you a better person.

In this phase, you will become more sedulous and this will help you immensely in all walks of your life.

Some disadvantages of blogging-

There is no perfect thing in the world.

Although there are many perks to blogging, it definitely has some downsides too.

An important thing to be noted here is that you will face most of these obstacles only in the initial year or year and half of blogging.

After which, you will become capable enough to overcome all these setbacks.

Financial struggles-

As a new blogger, you might struggle to make any money in the first few months.

Even before you make any money, you need to invest some cash in purchasing the basic necessities of a blog, like a domain and hosting.

Then, it will take some time (or even a year) to see any financial progress with your blog.

This is normal because initially, your work will not be good enough that it will make you any profits.

And only with discipline, practice and persistence you can improve both your work and profits.

It will also help you to remember that ranking on search engines and getting traffic from them will take time.

This is the most difficult phase of blogging, because even when you put in a lot of hard work, you might not notice any traffic to your blog or make any money with your blog.

In this phase, many new bloggers get frustrated and quit blogging but once you overcome this tough phase, no one can stop you from becoming a successful blogger.

During this period, you will also learn to be patient and persistent.

Arduous and time-consuming-

You must learn many things in blogging

When you are new to blogging, you will feel like there is so much to learn and implement.

In order to make your blog successful you should invest hundreds if not thousands of hours in learning various aspects of blogging, SEO, writing, researching, etc.

So, to avoid feeling overwhelmed, I would suggest you take one step at a time.

That is, first of all, you should learn some basics about your content management system (CMS), like how to set it properly and how to add posts and pages to it.

Then, I would recommend you to perform some research about which blog posts you should write.

The next step would be to actually write the blog posts and publish them.

Only after completing all these steps, you should think of learning about the other aspects of blogging like email marketing, social media marketing, etc.


Majority of the bloggers will start their journey as solopreneurs.

If you are the kind of person who loves to work in solitude, then you might not face this issue.

But if you are habituated to work in an environment surrounded by people, then the initial months of blogging might disappoint you.

In this phase, even if you plan to hire somebody to ward off loneliness, you can’t do it because you will not be making enough money or have the skills to hire the right people.

So, the solution would be to work in a co-working space or to immerse yourself in your work so much that you forget about your loneliness.

Finally, all I want to say is that blogging not only helps in your professional growth but also in personal growth.

Do you think that I have missed any points? If so please share them in the comments.

Also, don’t forget to share which points resonated with you.

I hope that this blog post motivated you to start blogging or continue blogging.

Please appreciate my work by sharing this article.

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