Arun Prabhudesai is India’s most prominent tech influencer.

His tech blog and YouTube channels attract millions of readers and viewers on a monthly basis.

Arun Prabhudesai’s story of becoming a very successful blogger and YouTuber is very interesting and inspiring.

His success story is a must read for everyone, especially bloggers and YouTubers.

So read on.


Arun Prabhudesai grew up in Pune, Maharashtra and in 1996, he graduated in civil engineering.

Although he was a civil engineer, he was more attracted towards computers rather than civil engineering.

Early career-

After passing out from college, Arun Prabhudesai helped his friend’s elder brother to found Weikfield Mnemonix InfoNetworks in Pune.

Weikfield Mnemonix InfoNetworks was India’s first private Internet services provider and he worked as a manager here.

While working here, Arun Prabhudesai got a chance to browse the internet and he immediately got captivated by it.

Later, he worked as an Operations Manager for Webtech Developers Pvt. Ltd. and as a Project Manager for Mastek Ltd.

Likewise, Arun Prabhudesai worked for around 12 years in the Information technology (IT) field in several countries like India, UK, U.S.A.

Using blog to return-

Arun Prabhudesai started

In 2007, while working in the U.S.A., Arun Prabhudesai decided to return to India.

His plan was to quit his job in the U.S.A. and launch a tech startup in India.

So, Arun Prabhudesai started researching about the Indian businesses and started reading blogs like (now NextBigWhat) and Startup Dunya.

He was very impressed by these blogs as they were very timely.

So, he too decided to start a blog to share his learnings about the Indian businesses with the world.

On 1 May 2007, Arun Prabhudesai started in the U.S.A.

This blog was initially on but later shifted to

You will be surprised to know that this was not Arun Prabhudesai’s first blog.

He started his first blog in 2004 on Blogger and it was a personal blog.

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Naming his blog-

As his blog was intended to track Indian businesses and technology, Arun Prabhudesai wanted to name it as Track.In.

But as the domain name was already taken, he settled for

A multi niche blog-

Since the beginning, was a multi niche blog covering several topics like business, technology, telecom, etc.

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Arun Prabhudesai’s blog grew rapidly as many readers started liking his blog.

Within a couple of months, The Times featured as one of the top Indian business blogs.

Later, this blog also got covered by The Times of India.


Initially, Arun Prabhudesai had no plans of monetising

But after around six months, he learned about monetising blogs, so he applied for Google AdSense.

And since then, is monetised by AdSense.


After returning to India in 2008, Arun Prabhudesai co-founded Hover technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Pune.

Hover was an advertising platform for publishers.

This company was acquired in 2011 by a digital media agency.

After this, in January 2011, Arun Prabhudesai co-founded his second startup by the name, My Open Campus in Pune.

But later he shifted all his focus on to his another startup, Armoks Group in Pune.

Also, Arun Prabhudesai currently resides in Pune.

Armoks Group offers digital marketing services and its subsidiary, Armoks Digital owns Trakin Tech YouTube channel and blog.

Success of blog-

Thanks to Arun Prabhudesai’s self discipline and love for writing, he has been able to consistently write thousands of articles for and this is the main contributor to the success of

Around 2012, he hired a team to help him with this website.

Now, is mainly operated by Mohul Ghosh.

For many years, has been one of the top business and technology blogs in India and has been constantly receiving more than a million page views per month.

Traffic estimation of by Similarweb
Traffic estimation of by Similarweb for May 2021

His YouTube journey-

Initially, Arun Prabhudesai didn’t have any plans to work on YouTube but after observing a lack of quality content related to technology, he saw an opportunity here.

As he was confident of himself, he began a new career as a YouTuber and alongside this he also continued working on

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In August 2016, Arun Prabhudesai shared his friend’s office to create videos for YouTube and this marked the start of his YouTube journey.

And at that time his YouTube channel, Trakin Tech had only 300 subscribers.

Prior to this, Arun Prabhudesai was operating his blog from his home.


Initially, as Arun Prabhudesai didn’t have many subscribers, he struggled a lot for review units and as he wasn’t making good money with YouTube, he couldn’t afford studio and required equipment like camera, mic, etc.

The realisation-

As Arun Prabhudesai was proficient in English, all his videos were in English.

But the growth of his YouTube channel was not as expected.

Even though Arun Prabhudesai was daily uploading videos for six months, his videos used to receive only 50-100 views.

Luckily, in June 2017, he realised that the majority of Indians prefer watching Hindi videos rather than the English ones.

So, then, Arun Prabhudesai had no option other than switching to Hindi.

But as his Hindi speaking skills weren’t great, he hit a roadblock.

Fortunately, Arun Prabhudesai didn’t give up and improved his Hindi considerably.

Eventually, his Hindi videos started receiving a good number of views.

And this motivated him to work even harder and expand his team.

Arun Prabhudesai also invested in studio and equipment like DSLR, mic, etc. to improve his video quality by leaps and bounds and thanks to this, now Trakin Tech YouTube channel has millions of subscribers (8.83M as of 6 July 2021).

Other YouTube channels-

Apart from Trakin Tech, he also started several YouTube channels like-

  • Trakin Tech English.
  • Trakin Tech Marathi.
  • Trakin Tech English.
  • Trakin Auto.
  • Trakin Ke Funde.
  • Trakin Shorts.

Honesty is the Arun’s policy-

You might wonder how Arun Prabhudesai has been able to retain his success for more than a decade.

The answer to this lies in his honesty and this is evident from the content that he creates.

People instantly connect to Arun Prabhudesai’s honest videos and blog posts and within no time become his fans.

So, are you inspired by the success story of Arun Prabhudesai?

And what was the most important thing that you learnt from his life story?

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