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The success story of Amit Agrawal is very inspiring, he is single-handedly running one of the most popular technology blogs in the world, Digital Inspiration for more than a decade.

If you are a blogger or aspiring to become one, you should definitely read his story.

Here, I will narrate you how Amit Agrawal became a successful blogger and what made him so successful.

His story teaches you many invaluable lessons to not only become a successful blogger but to retain that success for many decades.

A techie-

Amit Agrawal was born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh on 15 March 1976.

In 1999, he graduated in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

In July 1999, Amit Agrawal joined ADP in Hyderabad as a computer science engineer and later, he also worked as a consultant there.

While his professional life was great, he felt that something was missing from his life.

In Hyderabad, Amit Agrawal was badly missing his family which was present in Agra some 1300 kilometers away.

Quitting his job and becoming a blogger-

After working for four years and seven months, Amit Agrawal took the biggest risk of his life by quitting his job and moving to his hometown, Agra to stay with his family.

After moving to Agra, he was disappointed to observe that there were almost no technology companies there.

So, it was impossible for Amit Agrawal to find a job related to his expertise.

Therefore, he was left only with two options.

The first one was to create an accounting and inventory management software to the local Baniya community.

The Baniya is an occupational community actively involved in businesses.

The second one was to obtain some freelance IT work through internet.

Out of these two options, Amit Agrawal chose the later one because he knew that he couldn’t make great money by working for Baniyas.

Amit Agrawal decided to start a blog

So, he decided to start a blog and write everything about his work experience and achievements.

And put his core programming and writing skills to the best use by freelancing.

The birth of Labnol-

In January 2004, Amit Agrawal started a technology blog, Labnol (now Digital Inspiration).

Initially, he started on the Blogger platform but later migrated to self-hosted WordPress.

Amit Agrawal thought that clients in the United States or Europe would find him through his blog and assign him work.

Even though he worked in some great projects with reputable clients like Goldman Sachs, Meryll Lynch, Audatex, etc. at ADP, all of them were private projects.

So, Amit Agrawal was unable to showcase these projects and also, he did not have an online presence or a public profile.

As a consequence, there was a very little possibility of someone to research about him and his skills and provide him with work.

Because of all these reasons, Amit Agrawal couldn’t succeed as a freelancer.

Even though he wasn’t seeing any results, he kept blogging hoping that someday this plan would work out.

The printer which changed it all-

Amit Agrawal reviewed a printer

One day, Amit Agrawal purchased a HP LaserJet printer for his father’s office.

As he was very content with this device, he wrote its review on his blog.

Soon this review article started getting lots of organic traffic from all over the world from Google.

And the comment section of Amit Agrawal’s article was bombarded with different questions pertaining to the printer.

After observing this high engagement, he started writing on software tips and tricks, tutorials and how to guides.

Eventually, the traffic on his website increased.

When Amit Agrawal observed that the users were actively engaging on his blog by commenting and people on the internet were talking about his blog and other webmasters were linking to his website, he was sure that his website was on its way to success.

Becoming the first professional blogger of India-

Blogging is a very sought after profession today, but this was not the case in 2004.

At that time, there were very few bloggers in India and the number of tech bloggers was even very low.

Also, social media was non-existent at that time.

It was a popular belief that earning a livelihood with blogs is not possible.

Amit Agrawal is the first professional blogger of India

Even at that time, Amit Agrawal was valiant enough to choose blogging as a profession and this made him the first professional blogger of India.

He made it a habit to consistently blog about the new stuff and this fascinated many internet users to flock his website.

Since January 2004, Amit Agrawal has been consistently blogging on Digital Inspiration.

As he was a techie at heart and received a formal education in Computer Science and also worked in the field of technology for many years, he was able to blog confidently about technology.

Amit Agrawal’s blog, Digital Inspiration mainly focuses on automation, apps and consumer software products.

He also worked as an editor-in-chief for PodTech and was a Personal Technology Columnist at Financial Express, HT Media Ltd and The Wall Street Journal.

Key takeaway- To become a successful blogger, you should cultivate the habit of writing consistently.

Google AdSense-

Around 2004, Google AdSense entered India.

And Amit Agrawal enrolled in this program.

In the initial year, the advertising network could not generate any significant income for his blog.

Amit Agrawal was making only a few cents per day.

Even when his blog wasn’t earning much, he continued blogging.

Key takeaway- In the initial year, your blog may not make much money. But you should not get disheartened and should keep on working.

Eventually, the traffic to his blog increased and the same happened to Amit Agrawal’s earnings.

As his website was driving in huge numbers of visitors, he started making a good amount of money with Google AdSense.

And this occurred only after a year.

With this, he made blogging his full-time profession.

Amit Agrawal’s success story of making a good living with his blog and internet became very popular in the country.

Amit Agrawal was interviewed

Thanks to this, he was interviewed by many media companies like CNN IBN, NDTV, Times Now TV, etc.

By these interviews, the word came out that it is very much possible to make a living out of a blog.

All these developments really popularised blogging in India and many people realized the potential of blogging.

So, the blogosphere which was once deserted began to become crowded and competitive.

His passion made him successful-

Amit Agrawal did not lead a relaxed life after quitting his job.

Instead, he was working for long hours on his blog, much longer than when he was a corporate employee.

As Amit Agrawal was working on his passion, technology and writing about it, he was more than happy to work on his hobby and get paid for it.

Even now, he is very passionate about being updated with the latest technologies and this is evident by his work.

As a blogger, this is a dream come true for Amit Agrawal as he is getting paid handsomely for pursuing his hobby of technology.

Also, he had a first-mover advantage.

At the time of starting Digital Inspiration, there weren’t enough tech blogs in India and so, at that time this niche was wide open and not too competitive.

Key takeaway- To become a successful blogger, you should blog on the topic in which you are really passionate.

A very successful blogger-

In Amit Agrawal’s very long blogging journey, he picked up many laurels along the way.

Amit Agrawal was praised

His brilliant work is praised by many tech giants like Google, Microsoft, etc.

Google awarded him with the title of Google Developer Expert while Microsoft gave him the title of the Most Valuable Professional.

In India, Amit Agrawal is popularily known as the father of professional blogging.

Also, Digital Inspiration is the first and highest earning blog in India.

Every month, Amit Agrawal makes around $60,000 through his blog.

He mainly earns from advertising and his products.

The one-man army-

You will be surprised to know that Amit Agrawal is the only person working on this blog and he does not have a team.

He does everything required for his blog from writing articles, making videos and software to extending technical support all by himself.

The fame which spread far and wide-

Many reputable news organizations around the world have mentioned Amit Agrawal and his blog Digital Inspiration.

Some of the media organizations include The Wall Street Journal, NPR, BBC, Reuters, CNN IBN, The Straits Times, NDTV, ABC Radio, Lifehacker, The Sunday Guardian, CNBC TV18, Forbes, The Times of India, Agence France-Presse, The Economic Times, Outlook, The Hindu, India Today and Business Today, Hindustan Times and Mint, Business Standard, Slate, Talk of the Nation, Financial Times, Deccan Herald, WIRED.

This showcases the extent of his success.

Employing his blog as his best marketing channel-

In 2016, Amit Agrawal started Digital Inspiration, a startup focused on producing software products for G Suite and Google apps.

You will be amazed to know that this startup amassed a million users worldwide which includes some famous companies and universities without spending any money on advertising.

Amit Agrawal's blog did marketing

All of this had been made possible because of his blog and this is one of the many benefits of having a blog.

Key takeaway- Your successful blog has the potential to become the best marketing channel for your startup.

Launching his products through blog-

Whenever Amit Agrawal creates a new piece of software, he covers it on his blog.

Then, he also makes a video for YouTube and uses this as a podcast on iTunes.

Additionally, Amit Agrawal also writes newsletters.

All these efforts help his products to become successful.

As Amit Agrawal uses different channels for notifying about his products, many people from all over the world get to know about them.

And people try these products and eventually buy them.

Key takeaway- Having a good online presence definitely helps you to sell your products more effectively.

Amit Agrawal also repurposes his content for other channels.

Like, he wrote a Kindle book, produces YouTube videos, does podcasts on iTunes, curates stuff on Flipboard and shares his slides on SlideShare.

Some success mantras

The power of simplicity-

USP of Digital Inspiration is simplicity

The main unique selling proposition (USP) of Digital Inspiration is simplicity.

Even though Amit Agrawal writes about technology, he makes it a point to write in the most uncomplicated way possible so that his blog could be not only understood by geeks but also his parents.

This is the main reason why the majority of people are able to connect to his blog.

Even today, Amit Agrawal follows this principle and this helped him to attract a huge amount of visitors from all over the globe.

He covers consumer technology which is a very popular topic and many people can relate to it.

So, all of these are the reasons for the success of Digital Inspiration.

Key takeaway- To become a successful blogger, you should write in a simple language and shun jargon.

Honesty is the best policy-

Whether you do business online or offline.

The qualities of ethics, consistency and honesty play a major role in the success of your business.

You should not try to trick anyone because the users on the internet are very smart and they will smell out your intentions.

So, you should always perform enough research and gain knowledge before educating others on the internet.

Also, you should only focus on the things which you know well.

Amit Agrawal is also extremely focused on the things which he best knows and this served him well.

Key takeaway- Three main pillars for success in any field are consistency, honesty and ethics.

Add value

You should always try to educate people through your blog or social media channels.

When you keep on doing this consistently, you will notice that more and more people will be returning to your blog.

I have been following Amit Agrawal for a long time and he shares his valuable knowledge through his blog and social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

share your insights

You should not be just sharing the news but your own insights and perspectives on it.

By doing this, you will help your readers to the maximum extent.

Have a good routine and work habits-

As a blogger, you don’t have a boss to pass you orders.

Here, you should become your own boss and maintain a strict routine for blogging.

You should daily work like a corporate employee and try to get things done as quickly as possible by focusing on the most important things first.

Amit Agrawal follows the same routine at work everyday.

Maintain a work-life balance-

Being a blogger, you could work all day long but it is important to maintain work-life balance.

Personally, I like how Amit Agrawal balances his work with his life.

He himself made a strict rule to work only in his office (home-office).

Outside the office, Amit Agrawal never works and prefers to spend quality time with his family.

Get to the work as early as possible-

As a blogger, you enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere.

Instead of having an office faraway from your home, it helps if you have a home-office.

This has many benefits like a home-office is economical and there is no time wasted in travelling and traffic jams.

Yes, Amit Agrawal also works from his home-office.

Plan beforehand and prioritize your tasks-

You should plan for your next day, today.

By doing this, you can quickly get into the work the next morning without worrying too much about what needs to be done.

Before finishing his workday, Amit Agrawal always plans for his next day.

He notes the most important tasks on his whiteboard and he utilizes OneNote to note down the less important ones.

This good practice helps Amit Agrawal to stay organized.

You should prioriritze your tasks based on their importance.

Being productive and being busy are both different.

When you are productive, you prioritize the most important tasks over the less important ones.

But when you are busier, it doesn’t mean that you are productive.

You could be spending time on the least important things.

I hope that the story of Amit Agrawal has motivated you to work to become a successful blogger.

So, are you ready to work on your blog with a renewed zeal?

How are you planning to level up your blogging?

Please type your answers in the comment section below.

I wish you a very successful blogging career ahead, keep on blogging!!!

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